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    New South Wales

    How are you guys holding up with the fires? I note there is a lot of 'Indian men travel across country to serve FF's curry... aren't they heroes'...
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  4. I'm facing legal trouble, can't message anyone and need to my previous topic to be removed ASAP! Thank you.
  5. How does it work? Also, I need to delete a topic. Can someone here help me?
  6. Hi John, can you please delete this topic https://fascistforge.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=1417 I'm asking here because I can't send messages, I was reported since I posted it, thank you.
  7. I sent you request on Wire, not sure if you saw. My Wire account is in the general chat as well if you need confirmation. @twotonefrank88
  8. Interesting essay. Certainly made me examine my own perceptions of the ANZAC 'legend'. Your comment on making Australia more palliative to Asians was spot on.
  9. Here's an essay that I wrote a few weeks back but haven't had the time to type up until now. The Double Betrayal of ANZAC This years Remembrance Day got me thinking about the "Anzac Legend" and cult of remembrance surrounding the diggers, specifically whether it is a suitable myth (in the Sorelian sense of the term) on which to build Australian National Socialism. It is, after all, predominantly white, militaristic and based on the concept of the purifying struggle. Yet, the more I look at the actual facts of the matter, the more the whole thing seems to fall apart. Firstly, we must examine the ANZAC ideal within the context of white Australian identity. Since 1945 Australia's elite has gradually primed the population for Asianisation. This process has been primarily cultural- a gradual, fabian erosion of the founding idea of Australia as a bastion of the white British race. In its place they have developed an Americanised civic nationalist cult based on the concept of Australia as an ideal, and Australia as a product (Vegemite, tourism ads, "a shrimp on the barbie", etc). The ANZAC Legend has been at the core of this. What was once a real cult of remembrance for those who had died within the lifetimes of most Australians became an abstracted and universalised civic religion. The universalistic traits of "mateship" and the "Aussie battler" as well as the anti-white wedge idea of the "betrayal by Britain" were to be emphasised, held up as the new founding myth of the "nation of immigrants". Multicultural and aboriginal diggers were found to further illustrate its universal and assimilatory nature. While attendance of ANZAC and Remembrance Day parades had fallen by the 1960s, as generations untouched by the wars lost interest, a new campaign was to begin during the 1980s and 1990s to embed the new civnat religion in the minds of the white masses. Coinciding with the first over multiculturalist propaganda from the government, the revised ANZAC Legend was to be the reassuring palliative to contain the initial shock of ethnic replacement. The idea was to get the public focused on the past, while the global elite robbed them of their future. The endless television specials, government campaigns, films, books and products gradually replaced any lingering memory of the original, even during the lifetimes of the last remaining World War 1 veterans. By the 2010s - the hundredth anniversary of the war - nothing would remain of the brave white men who had fought and died. Their corpses would be used as puppets, mouthing the multiculturalist and universalistic platitudes of the Australian political and business elite. Simpson became an illegal immigrant, the Jew John Monasch was elevated to the level of Napoleonic genius, and the empty cliches of mateship and the "larrikin" were used as evidence that those who replaced us are "just like us". Yet there is an even more disturbing element to the commemorations. To put it bluntly, Australians were the first white men to die for Israel. While the focus of commemorations and popular culture has been nearly always on the Western Front and Gallipoli, Australians also fought and died to capture modern Israel, Jordan and Syria from the Ottoman Empire. In the same year (1917) that the infamous Balfour Declaration was signed, handing over Palestine to international Zionism, Australians captured Jerusalem and Gaza. As the official Australian history of WWI notes "British fighting men had for the first time won Jerusalem; the cradle of Christianity was again in Christian hands; the Jews believed that the city, and all Palestine was that day secured, not for Christian possession, but for them" (page 517, Volume VII of the Australian official history of WWI. It is interesting to note that Volume VII was written in 1941, before the State of Israel existed). Those Jews were right- on 2 November 1917 Britain's foreign secretary had pledged to Lord Rothschild that the land 1374 Australians died for, and that 4500 were crippled for (page 117, A Military History of Australia (3rd Ed) by Jeffrey Grey) was to become "a national home for the Jewish people". They would regrettably not be the last Australian blood sacrifice to the Jews, as our subsequent adventures in that region during World War II, the 1991 Gulf War, the 2003 Iraq War and the US occupation of Syria attest. Therefore, we Australian National Socialists should scorn the empty, genocidal ceremonies pushed on us by the descendants of those same backstabbers who made 1374 of our best men die for the Jews, and then used their memory as a weapon. We should instead turn our thoughts to the betrayed (and those who were killed pointlessly fighting their fellow white men), and pledge to uphold the dream of a white Australia that they thought they were defending.
  10. Thanks for everyone who connected. I'm only adding FF members who have already posted their handle in the Wire general chat thread, as it's the quickest and easiest way to vet people. If you've applied and haven't been accepted yet, then that's why.
  11. Jack Calcott

    Percy Stephesen

    Interesting, I'd never heard of him before now. That biography of Stephensen is certainly a cut above Counter Current's usual quality. It's sad to think that those efforts to establish a genuinely Australian culture and politics were permanently snuffed out by the late 1970s, through the torrent of American television and the self-hating bile of the intellectual class.
  12. Would anyone be interested in an Australian FF Wire chat group? The regular FF group is good, but a lot of the conversations occur midnight-2am our time and are generally about what's going on in the US and Europe. There are a fair few Aussies here, and I know of at least one other person interested in the idea. We all seem to live in separate cities, so this could be the next best thing to physical meetups. If you want to get involved add me: @moonmanjack
  13. Completely agree with your summary. Whatever his faults, you can't argue against his commitment. And his ability to draw people to him.
  14. I'm starting a project similar to the American Futurism workshop, if anyone wants to join in feel free to dm me.
  15. Thoughts on Percy Stephenson? In my view he was the closest we have gotten so far to an authentically Australian Fascist Leader. Openly Aryanist, anti-Semitic, National Socialist and anti Christian, he was uncompromising in his struggle. Although his tactics are now outdated his ideology is something we can learn from and improve. Nazis that came after him such as Arthur C. Smith mostly neglected Nativism while being overtly Germanophiles, not to shit on the NSPA but they were not Australian National Socialists as far as I can tell from my research. The Nativism espoused by Stephenson, The AFM and other Australian Nationalists and Poets of the time should be embraced by 21st century Antipodean Fascists. From the Australia First manifesto: NATIONAL SOCIALISM: Point 6, “for national socialism; against international communism,” does not concede any exclusive right or title to German “Nazis” in the use of the words “national” and “socialism.” Using these terms in their old-established dictionary meanings as English words in general usage, we support all national forms of socialism, as against the so-called “international” aspirations of Bolshevik Russian Communism or Marxism. We believe that socialism is necessary in those departments of production, distribution and exchange in which monopoly-control is advantageous to the community; for the power of monopoly is too great to be entrusted to private enterprise. We believe in socialism as implying the paramount power of the State to regulate trade, industry and finance for the general good, and to prevent abuses; but we do not believe in State ownership or management of any utilities which are adaptable to more efficient management by private and competitive enterprise. The criterion here is that the State should use its powers to curb the abuses of monopoly, by taking over the ownership of monopolies; but, apart from this, socialism, as we understand the term, implies the use of the State’s powers to assist and encourage private enterprise in all those fields in which private enterprise is more efficient than bureaucratic control. WHITE AUSTRALIA: Point 15, “for White Australia; against heterogeneity,” affirms the established Australian biological aim of creating in Australia a permanent home for persons of European racial derivation, avoiding problems of racial minorities, discrimination, and miscegenation. This principle of racial homogeneity could be maintained only by a constant increase of “white” population up to the optimum necessary for defence. Australia was the first country in the world to make racial homogeneity a basic socio-political principle; but such a policy cannot be maintained if the fecundity of the “white” population within Australia is allowed to diminish. ARYAN AUSTRALIA: Point 16, “for Aryanism; against Semitism,” is an attempt to make even more precise the principle of racial homogeneity implied in the “White Australia” doctrine; for, although Semitic writers have endeavoured to demonstrate that there is no such thing as an Aryan Race, such writers make no attempt to prove the non-existence of a distinct Semitic race. The term “Aryan” is here used, as it has been used by scientific and historical writers for more than seventy years, to describe those inhabitants of present-day Europe whose ancestors migrated, in the dawn of history, from India, Persia, and the Caucasus regions westwards into the European regions, where they settled, became acclimatised, and established European civilisation and the present-day European nations, derived from a common racial stock, and possessing racial characteristics which in fact are different from the racial characteristics of the Semitic, Negro, Mongol and other races of mankind. The effect of the “White Australia” policy has been to establish a population here which is approximately 98 percent Aryan. Any large-scale immigration of non-absorbable Semitic or other non-Aryan elements here now would inevitably create biological disease and disorder in the Aryan Australian community. This problem may become very urgent as a sequel to the present war in Europe, from which there may be a Semitic “exodus” towards Australia as a “Promised Land.” Below, I have attached two of Percy's works and an article about him by Counter Currents. http://www.australianculture.org/the-foundations-of-culture-in-australia-stephensen-1936/ https://www.counter-currents.com/2011/11/the-australia-first-manifesto/ https://www.counter-currents.com/2011/11/p-r-stephensen-2/
  16. John Siege


    Did anyone end up going to the gig?
  17. Completely agree. In fact, it's far worse to be white and actively work to subjugate your race.
  18. Jack Calcott

    AR's Essays

    It really helps to dispel the notion that National Socialism equates to "every white wins a prize" egalitarianism.
  19. These are all good, but Being White Is Not Enough is excellent. Thanks for posting.
  20. Post concerning New South Wales here. This topic will include the ACT.
  21. Reposting the essays from AR's now deceased website, because they're worth reading. Quality Versus Quantity Apr 23, 2017 One thing we’ve noticed is the frequent mentioning by all who have covered us so far is their focus on our numbers. Yes, we are a new group, it’ll be a few years yet until we have more people supporting us than, say, the Labor Party. But more’s the point, the people mentioning this are doing it for two reasons. One, to minimise us, to make us appear small and not worth worrying about (this of course doesn’t stop them from saying ‘but you should worry enough about Antipodean Resistance to donate money to our organisation, goyim!’), to attempt to nip our group in the bud. The other is that our enemies do not know the concept of human quality. As egalitarians, they view each human as being exactly the same. Therefore, any power a group has is based entirely on numbers; if there is a rally with 100 people and a counter rally with 200, the counter rally has ‘won’, regardless of any other aspects. Of course, our enemies don’t really think this, not deep down. They know that in any group, some people are always hard workers, some you have to push to do anything, and in a group of any size the majority seem to do nothing at all. This goes for any group that you care to mention, especially the left and major political parties, as any establishment types reading this would realise. Let’s look at the Liberal and Labor parties, for example. At election time, they take millions of votes each. But as for their official numbers, they no longer publish them presumably because it is so embarrassing), but it is expected to be numbering in the mere tens of thousands each. And as we can assume that most politicians running for office are members of their own parties, so then how many ordinary citizens does that leave who are members of these parties? The Liberals for example had about 200,000 members at one time, when we had a much smaller population. Now we are much larger, the New Australians™ seem not to be joining parties in droves. Neither party seems to interest young people, or even people in general at all. Why is that? The parties have lost the confidence of the Australian people along the way, and most that remain in support do so either because it’s all they know, or they’re getting something out of it (like a cushy pension), or in a few rare cases they actually believe that destroying their country and selling out their people actually makes them a good person. To return to our main point: let us compare it, then, to… any successful movement in history. What was it comprised of? From Mao’s Communists, to early Christians, and to the National Socialists of Germany, at the top there was always a devoted, fanatic base, always relatively few in number. Whatever you’re fanatic about changes according to your views, but devotion is an absolute quality. From there, the people would follow a movement which was grounded by passion and by success. The Kuomintang, even though it supposedly controlled China for decades, was decisively defeated by the Communists, who had largely survived off moss in the mountains with the occasional bit of Soviet help for most of that time. Things can change very quickly, all it requires is an opportunity and for certain groups to be ready. As George Lincoln Rockwell said, ‘Revolution is a spectators sport… in between the Nazis and the Communists is the great mass of non-fanatics, the TV watchers and the comic book readers’. There are fanatics on each side, and these fanatics are usually like that because they legitimately believe in making the world a better place. There are occasionally those who are fanatical in their desire to make things better for themselves at the cost of others, but these are rare; selfishness does not inspire great deeds. When times get tough, the selfish are the first to leave, if they enter at all. To draw it back into Australia, while many left wing organisations are funded by the government (unknowingly by most), in their ranks they do have many legitimate fanatics. Mentally diseased, physically disgusting, and incredibly wrong, but they do believe their nonsense, and will fight for it. Which is much more than can be said for any Liberal or Labor supporter, whose parties supposedly win elections year after year. But as was said before, things can change, and quickly. With no fanatics in their ranks, only those doing it as a job, to make money, to save their own hide, when things fall apart they will fall apart very quickly. This is where standards come in. If we are to be a group of fanatics, then in the beginning our relatively small numbers make certain things more difficult. We will not be marching on Canberra in the first few years, for example, but smaller numbers of higher quality people will mean more in the future when we do reach rallies of size, rather than being a bunch of ragtag degenerates that will abandon ship as soon as the footy is on; the sorts that think voting once every 4 years is the epitome of political activism. And now to bring the point of this article to Antipodean Resistance. We are not a mass movement. We do not want the masses. We want the fanatics, the people who care and who will fight, both during activism and during their day to day lives to bring about the beauty that is National Socialism. We want quality people who mean what they say and will not back down. We are striving for nothing less than the national rebirth of our people. And we will get there only with those fanatic enough to do something about it. Being White Is Not Enough Jul 19, 2017 There has been some confusion over what we mean by the title of this article, which is a saying of ours that has been often quoted by the media. It is an idea that forms the foundation of our group. The concept is this: White people, or Europeans, or whatever you’d like to call us, might have more potential than people from other races, but if we don’t live up to it, we will be as low as the rest of them. The colour of our skin does not make us a better race, and neither do the genetics underneath. Those are merely indicators for potential. Our goal as an organisation is to raise the quality of Nationalists and of our race in general. A good White Man is strong, able to defend his family and his country, not just strong in body or in mind, but primarily in will; there are men strong in body, or intelligent, but they lack the will to do anything to save their nation. A White Man personifies what he believes in; if he believes that people shouldn’t do drugs, shouldn’t be promiscuous, or shouldn’t be fat, but rather should be fit, loyal, and active, then he must embody those principles. “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable” - Socrates No man can be perfect, even the ideal White Man. The idea should instead be to strive towards his maximum potential. A man may have asthma (or a similar physical impairment) that has a significant effect on their potential, but if they strive to be the best they can, then they can still be a good White Man, even if they aren’t (due to a natural condition) the paragon of physical fitness. Moral flaws however, flaws that you choose to have either through deliberate thought or via a lack of willpower, must be destroyed. You cannot be a good man, for example, if in every other way you are good (i.e., fit, intelligent, active) but decide to destroy your heritage via mixing with some gook woman. Likewise you cannot be pure and moral and yet be inactive. It’s not enough to be white, or a nationalist, or even a high quality, white, nationalist. You must be all of these, and ACTIVE. You need to be everything in order to be a good White Man, there is simply no other way around it. It is a package deal. In the past, when something bad happened, men were out on the streets doing something about it. But these days, even in ‘healthy, racialist’ communities there exists a great many ‘intellectuals’ who act shocked online after hearing stories of thousands of little girls being raped and abused by subhumans, but otherwise seem to be okay with what is happening in their society. As long as it doesn’t affect THEM personally, even nationalists (who are generally better than most in terms of conscientiousness) don’t seem to mind. Of course, we’re not expecting in the modern world there to be any sort of spontaneous revolution by people against the status quo, but caring enough to simply be involved is another matter. There is no excuse for inaction given what we’re facing; look into the eyes of one of the victims of Rotherham , or Rochdale , or Telford, and explain why you thought that staying home and watching television or playing computer games was more important than protecting the most vulnerable people of our race. There are many, many poor quality or downright evil whites in the world. White people can be race traitors, selfish capitalists/communists, rapists, paedophiles and faggots and they will all be held accountable for their actions. Antipodean Resistance does not fight for them. We fight for the Whites who deserve help, or those who are genuinely mislead by the traitors in power, and for the future generations to come. Nobody respects a bunch of hypocrites. Our enemies and those who aren’t yet on our side will not respect those who are found to have secret Jewish wives, regardless of how much they are supposed to have done ‘for the movement’. In fact, on occasions like that, where a nationalist is found to have a massive character flaw, our enemies in particular have a field day. Of course, the character flaws of various famous liberals and communists are thrown under the rug, but that sort of thing is easy to avoid; don’t be a degenerate in the first place. Nobody wants to join a bunch of hypocrites either. Once people find out about how you don’t REALLY take your worldview seriously, then your credibility is gone. All quality people, who expect better, are instantly turned away. The goal is to act like you would in an ideal society. For what is Australia? It is a nation made up of Australians, of which nationalists are a part. For how can any nationalist claim otherwise? If you want to reach an ideal society, you must make your nature match the nature of the society that you want to live in. To highlight how important this is, if you want to create a society in which men and women no longer sleep around and remain loyal to each other, yet you still sleep around with sluts, you are both working against the society you wish to create, and nobody is going to take you seriously. “The only reason that a rabble of feminists and queers and Jews and Blacks and mestizos and liberals and Clinton supporters are running America into the ground today is that decent people are sitting on their hands.” - Dr William Luther Pierce The most important thing we have to remember is the reason society has gotten as bad as it has is that White Men have dropped the ball. We’ve let Jews, nonwhites, feminists and degenerates run our nations into the ground, and the only way to recover is to accept responsibility for our failure and pledge to be better. For as the great Romanian Codreanu of the Iron Guard said: A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins. The only way to be pure and moral is to do it today. It is a lifestyle, and it cannot be changed overnight. You cannot rely on throwing off the shackles of modernity until victory is won; indeed, victory is impossible without throwing off the shackles first. Antipodean Resistance is an organisation of White Men who strive to fulfil their potential, not content with the idea of superiority granted to us by our race, but to live up to our historical greatness through our actions. And that is why we say: BEING WHITE IS NOT ENOUGH! The Fascist Mentality - Struggle, Triumph, And The Fascist Outdoorsman Mar 21, 2018 Struggle and triumph are to a man’s spiritual being, what meat and drink are to his own physical constitution. A man thrives on struggle, and he wastes away without it. Millennia of struggle has weeded out the weakest of our kind. It has kept us strong. It has helped us grow, ensuring only those most capable of live to pass on their lineage. The will to live, and the subsequent struggle to survive, drove our forefathers to achieve great things, to reach new heights; and to push themselves to the limit. Alas, the very will to live that ignited the hearts and minds of our ancestral fathers no longer burns as bright as it once did. The modern man wallows in his trivial comforts, seeking out an ever increasing sedentary lifestyles devoid of any true struggle, or any overt effort at all for that matter. He chooses comfortable weakness over hard earned strength. He chooses the less rewarding paths in life because it is simpler and less effort, rather than committing himself to an arduous and oft nigh-impossible goal or ideal, and striving to achieve it at all costs. His body remains weak, and his mind remains malleable and ill formed. The modern man is but a child in an adult’s physical form. Not all are unworthy to inherit the spiritual mantle of our ancestral fathers, however. Some men are yet still born with a fire in their hearts, yearning for the struggle and conflict that only the harsh mistress of nature can bestow upon them. Of all things in this harsh and unforgiving world we call home, the mountain truly embodies everything a healthy male soul yearns for. For much of mankind’s history, the indomitable peaks of this world embodied the very physical and metaphysical limits of man himself. If man could overcome the impossible peaks, then he could overcome anything presented to him. For many generations, the tallest peaks of our world remained unconquered. Only technological advances, fuelled by the ingenuity of the Aryan man, enabled the strongest of our people to finally triumph the peaks of this world. In the pursuit of triumph over the rugged world around him, a man can find a form of spiritual sustenance denied to him by the trivial frivolities of modern society. Once one has tasted the thrill of nature, one cannot return to the teat of modern mass entertainment and elicit the same enjoyment it once provided. It is for that reason, physically arduous hiking and the pursuit of mountaineering is a much loved and avowed pastime of many of us. It is for the spiritual necessity of struggle we throw ourselves into the arms of nature, demanding that we be put to the test, pushed to our very limits. For it is natures harsh love that forges us anew, and each time renders the metal of our hearts stronger. Evola speaks of the close relationship between the physical rigors of mountain climbing, and the steps toward self-realisation. Even for those not well versed in esoteric thought, any who have undergone great physical struggle in unforgiving conditions, such as a mountain, will understand the spiritual contributions towards self-realisation that it brings. Once, in the days prior to a scheduled hike, fate upped the odds. After many months of overwork as a corporate wage-slave, and a poor diet as a result of that, my personal neglect finally caught up with me. I found myself taken by sickness, and for the first time in a long while, I was forced to bed. The day prior, I slept off a burning fever, and at one point believed I would be forced to cancel. I had always been blessed with physical health, so sickness was an affliction that rarely bothered me. However, at this moment, it hit me hard. My fever dreams remain as vivid as the day I had them, even if I still don’t quite understand them. After almost sixteen hours, the worst of the fever past, although it left me weakened and dehydrated. Against recommendation, I readied myself for the challenge that lay ahead. I threw myself at the trials ahead. And what a trial it turned out to be. From freezing temperatures, to a poor choice of shelter on my part, and the deprivation of much craved warm meals due to adverse conditions, each and every one of us on that hike surely discovered within themselves a newfound strength and fortitude oft not needed in our common day to day lives. During those arduous fifty hours, we pack marched from before dawn to well after dusk, pushing ourselves physically and psychologically. We scaled treacherous stone paths in rain and icy hail. We made camp in less than ideal locations, at times waking up with frost covering our clothing. We marched until our legs ached, and until the skin of our feet became blistered and torn. Of course, we made it back to the comfortable conveniences of civilisation eventually, but the young men who entered that mountain path did not leave it unchanged. Everyone gained something from that experience, and it made them all the stronger because of it. I for one learned a valuable lesson. In the face of such sheer adversity and struggle, one is faced with two choices. You can always give up, or keep moving, struggling ever onwards towards the goal at hand. In Nature, an animal who cannot keep pace with the pack is left behind, and likewise, the strongest of animals are those who overcome all that would see them dead. For the strong triumph, and the weak find their rightful places beneath the feet of their betters. The personal struggle I experienced on that hike, both physically and psychologically, continue to resonate with me to this day, and I look back on those moments of discomfort and pain with a fondness and ever constant longing to feel it once more. I will often find myself contemplating such trials in the dark of night. However, regardless of the personal magnitude of such a trial to me, that hike still pales in comparison to the often brutal and hard lives our ancestors lived, as was merely a brief glimpse into an ancient, and purer, way of life. It still, nonetheless, cultivated the deep realisation of simple truths within me that our forebears clearly understood, yet the common man nowadays often fails to grasp. Comfort is fleeting, and prolonged comfort is detrimental to a healthy life. A fire cannot burn without oxygen, and likewise true inner strength cannot be cultivated without equal adversity and struggle. In a society so saturated in instant entertainment, endless comfort, and immediate means of sating needs, we are robbed of the need to apply any real effort in our day to day lives, at least when compared to the lives of our ancestors. Struggle is the catalyst through which all great things are achieved. No truly great figure in human history rightfully attained and maintained his place of stature and influence without great struggle. It is the will to triumph that drives all true men. The will to struggle, and the will to succeed, is what separates us as Fascists from the average lemming, who whilst content to wallow in his own comfortable mediocrity. We would rather live a short life that is hard and rewarding, where the average man is content to a long time, but not truly live at all. As National Socialists. As willing adherents of the eternal truth and the iron fisted laws of nature. And as men. We owe it to ourselves to rediscover and contemplate these simple truths denied to us by the world we revile, and to take them to heart and realise them. We must pursue with fanaticism any trial that might make us stronger, faster, smarter and more capable. It is for this reason we as an organisation continue to advocate the adoption of hiking and mountaineering as an organic constructive pastime for all young men disillusioned by the modern world. Nature is our eternal mother, and only by being within nature can be truly realise our inner-selves. Hiking and mountaineering provides us an avenue to truly put ourselves to the test, and to realise the necessity of these ancient truths. So what are you waiting for? Get hiking, and Join your Local Nazis! The True Alpha Male Mar 29, 2018 While leftists attempt to shun and belittle the term ‘Alpha Male’ - equivocating it with the term ‘rapist’, there is another group emerging who are propagating the ‘Alpha male’ and urging all young men to become this ideal. Unfortunately this group is acting like a catchment for all who reject the hatred of the leftists and are spreading misinformation and lies about the ‘Alpha Male’. This article will expose these fraudsters for what they are, analyse the true origins of an Alpha Male and re-establish the ideal man who acts as a role model for other men amongst our race. One of the most prominent types propagating misinformation on Alpha Males is the ‘pick up artist’, usually falling into the group of ‘Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)’. Their argument seems to begin in a sound manner - examining nature to determine the correct definition of an Alpha Male. Their argument usually goes something like this: Look at a Pride of Lions. In a Pride of Lions there is one ‘Alpha Lion’ who can have sex with whichever lioness he chooses. The other ‘Beta Lions’ do not have this privilege, and must either challenge the Alpha Lion to reach this status or wait around, miserable and ashamed. The ‘Beta Lions’ may still have sex sometimes, but the Alpha Lion has considerably more sex than them with a wide variety of lionesses. With this assessment, these groups then go on to convince their listener that to be an Alpha Male is to be able to have frequent casual sex with as many women as possible, thereby proving to the other ‘betas’ their ‘alpha’ status. Pick up a girl at a bar, woo her with your charms and take her home. When you are finished with her, parade out again and find another - it is all part of being an ‘alpha lion’, choosing your lioness from the pride and moving onto the next. The problem with this assessment is a glaringly obvious fallacy, clear to anyone with the intelligence to logically assess nature: lions BREED. The self-proclaimed ‘Alpha’ does not breed with the women he picks up, in fact he would gawk at the idea. This is a man who has dedicated his youth - to the point where he calls himself an ‘artist’ - to this degenerate pursuit. This man will come to realise his folly when the number of women willing to sleep with him dwindle away as he grows old and has nothing to show for his life’s work. To further illustrate the pathetic state this kind of endeavour puts a man into, all we must do is examine the proposed ideal ‘Alpha’ man and examine the actions that must be undertaken to achieve this goal, especially when considering the bar scene that these ‘pick up artists’ usually skulk around. The ‘Alpha’ male is one who conforms to the acceptable appearance as dictated by the women he is seeking to sleep with, thus requiring him to spend pretentious amounts of money on a particular fashion. To dress outside of the expectations will significantly reduce his chances of achieving his ‘Alpha’ status - but dress is just one part of appearance. He must appear fit and muscular and must spend time and energy in the gym to attain the particular physique that appeases these women. He must also go to the places where these types of women are most prevalent - places he would otherwise not choose to go to. Once arrived at the bar or club, perverted music blaring at full volume, he must then find and seek an equally degraded companion. At last, the ‘Alpha’ male has found an attractive woman with all of her ‘goods’ on display - surely he has undertaken the necessary rituals to achieve his life’s goal. Oh, but these women are smarter than you think! Do you think they will simply bend over when they see his muscular body and impeccable fashion sense? Think again! He must act and behave in a certain manner that pleases them. Speak at the right moment, don’t say too much but don’t say too little, be ‘dominant’ but not too ‘dominant’ because you will appear ‘needy’, please their friends first, and the list of requirements goes on. All of these ‘skills’ require mental and physical effort and practice. All of these necessities take away the unique characteristics and nature of the man. The man who achieves this end no longer has a say in the way he dresses, how he spends his spare time, what locations he visits, and even his behaviour. When assessing the actual situation these ‘Alphas’ expect men to be put through it should be obvious to any self-respecting individual what they are truly asking you to do - become total subservient betas or, a more fitting word, slaves to these women. Note I am using the term ‘women’ loosely, because these kinds of women are the lowest form of females a society can ever produce - worthless sluts, incapable or unwilling to likewise find a suitable mate and breed. So not only are these ‘Alpha’ males prancing around dressing and acting like clowns just to appease an unknown woman at her whim but they have become walking, talking dildos for complete sluts who take their pick out of the ‘Alpha’ male catalogue every weekend (note that women aren’t actually the ones dictating ‘what they want’ anyway, but that is another topic for another article). It is laughable that these self-proclaimed ‘Alpha Males’ use the analogy of lions when describing themselves, when in reality their behaviour (and the society it creates) has more in common with the chimpanzee sub-species, Bonobo. The Bonobo is a sub-species of chimpanzee that is totally obsessed with sex. The males are such sexual deviants that they constantly have sex with any other chimp, regardless of gender or relationship (they seem to have enough scruples to stop at their own mothers, but that is all). Furthermore amongst the Bonobo the females are the dominate sex. This exact situation is occurring in our society with the rise of the sexually obsessed, subservient ‘Alpha Male’. Clearly these perverted men should be anything but role models, instead inspiring pity at best and utter disgust at worst from any decent man. A polygamous and promiscuous society is not a natural state for our race to be in. The most significant aspect of our breeding process is that we are monogamous. To illustrate my point on a scientific level, humans have a specific characteristic referred to as pair bonding. ‘Pair bonding’ is a biological-social reaction that occurs when two members of the opposite sex develop an affinity toward each other. It is an act of nature that binds these two partners together in a long-lasting relationship to the exclusion of others. This phenomenon only occurs in monogamous species. To further this point, humans who have a large number of sexual partners begin to lose their ability to pair bond. Interestingly, it is not the amount of sex one person has, but the number of different sexual partners one has that causes this destruction of our nature. So not only is monogamy a natural state, but to engage in promiscuous activities actually destroys our ability to create a bond with a partner. It should also be noted that while young men of our race continue to follow the corrupted path put forward to them by these ‘Alpha Male’ imposters, foreign non-whites are being immigrated in hordes who have absolutely no connection with this perverse ‘culture’ and thus continue to breed like rabbits (as they are used to in their home country as a form of survival). One must only wonder - for whom does the future belong to if this type of behaviour continues? We can now look at the true role an Alpha Male must take in our society. An Alpha Male, whether human or any other monogamous species, must remain physically fit and sound of body - not to ‘impress’ unwanted, degenerate sluts, but to guard and protect his current or potential female partner and children from all aggressors and foreign invaders. He will often band together with other Alpha Males of his species to fight against a large force of foreign aggressors. His active lifestyle also improves the quality of his person, protecting him from disease and illness. He commits to maintaining optimum health and abstains from vices, understanding that his physical and mental strength will be passed down to his children and descendants to come. He must be wilful of mind and constantly striving for greater intelligence and wisdom, as these are the tools that will be used throughout his life in all endeavours. He provides real value with a strong work ethic - utilising his unique skills and talents to achieve his goals. He is a free man, capable of expressing his individuality and making his own decisions whilst taking responsibility for his actions. He must be a sound leader as his primary role is to guide and lead his family after he finds an appropriate mate. An Alpha Male must be strong of character, assertive and dominant - which means he is confident to make decisions and take full responsibility for their outcomes. He would never fly off into a rage when things do not go his way because to do so would show weakness of character. He must also be willing to search and find a worthy mate, even though it may take him a great deal of time and effort. The Alpha Male embraces hardship as a challenge, and readily prepares for fixing even the worst situations when they arise. All of the Alpha Male’s characteristics, skills and qualities are preparing him for his ultimate goal of finding a mate, continuing his blood and progressing his race. Once the Alpha Male has found his mate he can then begin to fulfil one of his main purposes in life - having a family. Along with his partner he raises the next generation. Securing the livelihood of his most dear posession, his people, forging the next link in a chain stretching back into eternity. During this time the Alpha Male is the protector and guardian for his entire family. He is also a role model to his children who look to him for guidance and direction. When the Alpha Male is amongst his family he is seen as the responsible leader and protector of his stock. He endeavours to live up to the high expectation his family has of him and to lead by example. The Alpha Male understands that his partner is a reflection of himself - his standards, expectations, pride and value. He understands that only those who have no respect in themselves would choose to lie with those of whom he has no respect. The Alpha Male remains physically strong and fit for the purposes of fulfilling his role as a protector and guardian for his family and race. The greatest moment of pride for an Alpha Male is when he watches his children follow in his and his wife’s footsteps, continuing on the glorious cycle of nature and progressing the future of his blood into the next generation. This is the nature of The True Alpha Male.
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