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  1. Руслан уарслут

    Possible new group

    >Protonmail A site that with catalogue anything nazi related and report it to feds.
  2. Руслан уарслут

    Possible new group

    So basically like everyone else then? I think you need to learn more about cybersecurity before starting a group...
  3. Руслан уарслут


    Then why are you guys (seemingly) organizing primarily on telegram?
  4. Руслан уарслут


    Stupid woman. Actually it is 100% essential for an understanding of the situation, lazy bint.
  5. Руслан уарслут


    You're glowing really hard right now. Not suspicious at all. Bro, you're glowing REALLY hard right now. LOL FED, you can try a little harder than that, don't you think? Uh-huh, okay bud... I believe you.
  6. Руслан уарслут


    How are we defining "radical"? If by "radical" you mean, "live-wire" then yes, you're correct. Tell that to James Mason.
  7. Руслан уарслут


    My shit is straight. How about you? Or are you among these same bunch who think Telegram is secure, despite the app storing a cache of files on your device, and being easy to use to track, tap and doxx people? >Shilling a group that has all this hyped rhetoric that has proven to be all bark and no bite. Yet I'm cucking, and to what am I cucking exactly? COMPETENCE?
  8. Руслан уарслут


    They are a bunch of kids who have never met face to face, take pictures of other NS people meeting up and slap their own logo on it (to look like they are meeting). FKD is comprised of mostly a bunch of kids that are not old enough to drink or own/buy weapons (and never used them) yet promote edginess in their propaganda and allegedly made plenty of empty threats.
  9. Руслан уарслут

    Hello, i guess

    Why do you believe in a gay religion for buttloving sodomites? Stop. Nobody here speaks SPICanese.
  10. Руслан уарслут


    Hey baby. Wow, did you fall down from heaven? Because you have nice cans!
  11. Руслан уарслут


    but have you read Siege by James Mason, specifically?
  12. Руслан уарслут

    I need some help

    >shitmerica You could try being more clever like saying "JEW.S.A" or something.
  13. Руслан уарслут

    I need some help

    You're a fed, is what he's saying. F - E - D
  14. Руслан уарслут

    My Introduction

    What makes you think AWD is shut down?
  15. Руслан уарслут

    My introduction

    Admittedly, I find former Communists make some of the best Fascists. At least from my own experience. I tend to notice a more well-rounded perspective as opposed to the reactionary tendencies I see coming from the "right wing" side. Hey, I get that. I've banged a few punk girls myself (though they all knew I was a nazi)/ Well be sure to check out the foundational reading materials here on FF, it should help in furtherance of worldview.

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