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  1. Ashua


    Are there any other reasons as to why you want to join? And how did you discover this site? Can you please tell us more about yourself because all of these information are vague.
  2. Ashua


    What got you into fascism and why? Can you elaborate on what you believe as an individual?
  3. Ashua


    I should've phrase it better but I do strongly agree that they can't be rehabilitated and that punishment is required to purify them. But very proudly ignorant movements should be dealt with different and more severely.
  4. Ashua


    What are those "political groups" exactly? I personally find it hard to believe that many people today and especially those kinds of gullible beings will be rehabilitated. They shall be strictly punished as their individuality will be replaced with the proper teachings. If these people persists into continuing having these beliefs, further consequences will be dealt with.
  5. Ashua


    DISCLAIMER: I know I joined around August and haven't made any proper introduction without really any excuse(s). I wanted to make a formal introduction as I believed that it's important to have others understand where you come from and how is it significant to you. It was already too late as I suddenly became very busy with school and other meetings, now's the time I can make a brief intro. Where are you from? The United States, California How did you discover us? I been surfing around the internet during the mid summer to find a community that corresponds my political spectrum. I was unable to find a community like this so I decided to go through what the antifascists and the other leftists where posting which was r/AntifascistsofReddit since they we're an active community. At the time, I thought they would be savvy about fascist movements as they appear to showcase information and even raids on the forum and it turns out to be true. Why'd you join us? As a resident of California, I am surrounded with people who are so gullible into what the media showcase them and how they advocate unstable systems. "Systems" regarding to the LGBT, SJW, Antifa, and many more. I find it disgusting to see how proud and ignorant these people can be and only fight what appears to be "right". They offer absolutely no practical solutions to both social and economical issues, they only offer anxiety and anger to "fix problems". Furthermore, I am disgusted by how "progress" can fix the "division" of this society. Transgenders/homosexuals are treated as heroes, multiculturalism promotes division and ridiculing tradition, being shoved with gay propaganda 24/7, children are involved in serious situations, ignorance in politics and decision making by the general populous, more degenerates representing society who doesn't even meet the criteria, etc. All of this madness made me want to fix the ever degenerating society by collaborating with other movements through any means necessary such as raiding, hacking, assisting, or anything that involves crushing the left into further influencing society and the media especially. What are your interests? I am strongly interested in debating, studying psychology, researching about politics and history, war propaganda, coding, productivity, and surfing through social medias. What is your political ideology and why? I state myself to be a fascist as I believe that a hierarchy system would manage the population better, militarism is required to both defend and expand national sovereignty, traditionalism is needed within the nation to retain the bonds of those who are from the same ethnic group and to retain the purpose and significant meanings of culture within the prosperous nation. Lastly, I believe that nationalism creates innovation as it shows what the country can do best and it pushes the general populace into wanting to fight for their country and to maintain/gain prosperity. But I do have a very "radical" approach into politics, as I do believe that certain ethnicity are superior to others, religions such as Judaism must be ridiculed as it promotes arrogance and greed, certain groups such as the LGBT or some other degenerates should be rehabilitated for a long time until they're purified, and many more to name.

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