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  1. Telegram is -simple.explanation- encrypted messenging app. You can join groups and chat, or a channel and get updates.
  2. JayJ

    My Introduction

    Calm down mate. It's just an introduction.
  3. JayJ

    My Introduction

    You were organizing for Ron Paul when you were 17?
  4. JayJ

    An Introduction

    It was the piano playing that gave it away
  5. JayJ

    An Introduction

    Down Under and Across the Ditch group is there.... Bit quiet at the moment.
  6. JayJ

    Possible new group

    This whole thread is prime fedbait
  7. My impression from reading the intro is that his ideology is fascism and he is aligned to the NSLF movement/group.
  8. JayJ


    Fascist uprising?
  9. JayJ

    My introduction

    There is a very large resource section on this forum. Core texts include Mein Kampf and Siege. Next Leap is good also. You should have at least read Squires Tale and Turner Diaries. No one will spoon feed you here. Reading and self-education is your way forward.
  10. JayJ

    My introduction

    Roman Catholic? You need to ditch that.
  11. JayJ

    My Introduction

    What is space imperialism?
  12. JayJ

    i Found an Jew

    Well this isn't suspicious at all. How about you introduce yourself before posting links?
  13. JayJ

    My Introduction

    You'll find a wealth of other reading in the resource section. Once you pass the exam you can then look to debate ideas with others.
  14. JayJ

    My Introduction

    And what relevant fascist literature have you read?
  15. JayJ


    There was some good stuff in this intro. But that wall of text is brutal. There is an enter key for reason. Clear it up for readability.

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