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  1. SIEGE Regent

    Small group set up

    Just prep yourself for doomsday on your own accord. Train on your own accord. Learn to shoot on your own accord. Learn to survive on your own accord. Learn community building on your own accord. Etc. Etc. THEN you can think about a group. Until then, this is useless. Asking anonymous internet strangers over some forum is only going to yield a primitive egotistical narcissist desire rather than anything genuine. In other words, groups are lame and gay. Do shit on your own. Then pick people up as you go.
  2. SIEGE Regent


    Women are so fucking dumb. How have they not collectively forgotten how to breathe yet?
  3. SIEGE Regent

    I warned you about The Base.

    You can lead a horse to water...
  4. SIEGE Regent


    It's so vitally important to keep the SIEGE beacon shinning. By keeping SIEGE going you are, in effect, maintaining an ongoing defiance to the System. It's not the most ideal form of revenge, but, given the present circumstances and prevailing zeitgeist, I'm afraid it's the best we can hope for at the moment. All cults and secret societies are founded on this internal knowledge of one's inborn divinity and superiority. As has been said before, you either feel it or you don't. One simply cannot be what they aren't. And eventually because of this prevailing trend to try and make non-whites socially acceptable someone is going to put some knuckle-dragging nigger bonehead in charge of a nuclear power plant or germ warfare facility, and that shall be that. Everything will have to be dumbed down in order to make the world safe for niggers and spics. This is a good thing, sort of like some Biblical prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes. The perceptive can always see what's coming decades before it finally materializes. The truly capable are shut out of the positions they are naturally fit for and in their place are put the System's pet niggers. There is no salvaging this world. It's terminally ill. All we can hope to do is preserve for the coming generations the truth. What we see around us now is the slow hands of Karma patiently wrapping themselves around the neck of modernity. Everyone today is terrified and/or attracted to extremes because none of them have a center. The "center" is what separates us from them. The more powerful your center, the greater the attraction to lesser beings you are. The journalists, the right/left wing, the politicians, they're just lonely little electrons searching for a nucleus to orbit. It's not the masses who've been robbed, as they don't have anything worth taking. No, the real victims are us. We're the ones who've had what's rightfully ours taken from us. The Overman's revenge will be to remove himself from it all, thus depriving the System of the fruits of his labor. Zarathustra alone in his mountain top cave can enjoy the spectacle of the world burning itself out from his lofty vantage point. The Bug's Helter Skelter fantasy was an unconscious confession of truth. Each man experiences an individual reality. That said, each man wants to impose his unique reality onto others in the hopes that by doing so he'll achieve more power. Power is the ability to alter/influence the perception of reality by others. SIEGE is immune to the System's viral infection. Exposure to SIEGE is like the "on switch" of the elect. There are people out there if exposed to the right phenomenon will have their Elect switches turned on for them. A lot of them are walking around in a dormant state. And every time the potential arises for a mass awakening of walking formants there just happens to be a convenient world war. To "revolt" - or rather "resist" - is by not giving into the System's pre-written script. This script is pushed through the mass media, upsetting every alienated teenager/young adult to the point where they mass murder a bunch of low level non-whites/jews. The System sets up the obviously inferior elements of society as their personal meatshields, perfect targets that almost are seemingly ritual sacrifices, akin to those of the past where tribes would sacrifice one of their collective for some fulfillment from the Gods. With each justification of eliminating our freedom, it comes with mass arrests/murders of these very few alienated individuals. SIEGE acknowledges this problem, and advocates for the crazies to do what they will in hopes that higher profile targets will be eliminated, while those who possess the knowledge of the book know this action is ultimately useless. As we know total end-game collapse is right around the corner. The way we resist is by separating ourselves from the madness, moving ourselves away from the influence, completely shutting off any poison from our lives. This involves rural living whilst advocating for the elect to do the same. Placing ourselves in a position where the collapse will not take us with it. This position, in essence, is our ultimate curse on those who do not heed the warning. To hell with them. This is the Final Judgement.
  5. There is no defeating the System. The System is the all seeing, all encompassing collective psyche shared by all human beings. Without the world Govt, human beings would continue to operate in contrary to what the Truth exclusively stands for. This is known via the countless and never ending historical implications. Our Creator is not a good God. What is success then? How can such a diabolic cosmic scheme leave any elbow room for our own individual transcendence towards greatness? The lowest form of White Man is compensation for their worthlessness with a desire to work with the System or rule over the Systematic slaves to the Demiurge. As we've seen with the British Empire in history, it's no coincidence as why they have ended up where they are. Success is measured by how independent of the System you become, rather than success within it. The Demiurge retains zero control over those who have liberated their own souls. And until all souls are liberated... The SIEGE KULTIST knows true power is silent, meanwhile the halls of false power remain noisey. "The search for peace has become a refuge for tyranny. Humanity is born in despair to live in fear and die in filth. The superior are ruled by the inferior. Too many children are born and far too few of them die before reaching an age where they can breed more of their worthless kind."
  6. SIEGE Regent

    My introduction - hello

    Shouldnt you have already grasped it upon joining? No one is here for baby sitting. What even is hacking anymore? That term has been thrown around so much without little meaning to it, I can instantly call bullshit on this coming from someone who is very fucking familiar with the "tech" field.

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