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  1. SIEGE Regent

    Small group set up

    Just prep yourself for doomsday on your own accord. Train on your own accord. Learn to shoot on your own accord. Learn to survive on your own accord. Learn community building on your own accord. Etc. Etc. THEN you can think about a group. Until then, this is useless. Asking anonymous internet strangers over some forum is only going to yield a primitive egotistical narcissist desire rather than anything genuine. In other words, groups are lame and gay. Do shit on your own. Then pick people up as you go.
  2. SIEGE Regent


    Women are so fucking dumb. How have they not collectively forgotten how to breathe yet?
  3. SIEGE Regent

    I warned you about The Base.

    You can lead a horse to water...
  4. SIEGE Regent

    My introduction - hello

    Shouldnt you have already grasped it upon joining? No one is here for baby sitting. What even is hacking anymore? That term has been thrown around so much without little meaning to it, I can instantly call bullshit on this coming from someone who is very fucking familiar with the "tech" field.

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