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  1. bohdidied

    We need to support this site

    I can't believe I am asking this: What is telegram? I'm not an idiot (or at least I don't think), but besides random shit back in the day, Stormfront, discord, and here... I don't know where to go. The whole Iron March thing flew right by me since we were not looking at help online, but now there is worldwide community and I can't find shit to even look in as it passes me by. I just want an adult community to learn and be ready. Maybe more. But I feel like I am looking for my nephew's Instagram with how fast it moves. There is little to no community here in Seattle with people moving to Boise and Phoenix to get away. I am on an island of shit.
  2. I get it. I would be pissed if someone slung that at me.
  3. bohdidied

    Good books on Fascism

    Simply googling "History of the race and intelligence controversy" is a great place to start. Regardless of what Wikipedia editors or others say, the search with that line will populate the names and research you are looking for. I am a huge proponent of eugenics. Even if you believe in a God, the races were not made the same.
  4. The whole thing screams fed to me. Hate to be a dick since I haven't even passed my exam yet, but the first paragraph seemed like it was trying too hard. Sorry if I am off, just seems too angry.
  5. bohdidied


    I botched it. I should have spent more time on the deep stuff. I also knew the "right" answer but gave my own a couple times times for the sake of honesty. I assume we'll see when it is finally reviews. Worst cones to worse, it is kind of like an open book quiz in school and I think the exercise of typing it all out was in itself useful to a better understanding.
  6. bohdidied


    Thanks. I haven't read Mein Kampf since I was a kid and need to revisit with fresh eyes. I just said I didn't want to be spoon fed, but I want to find a weekly or monthly to see how the philosophy translates to current events. I don't want to get so caught up in philosophy that I miss the real world application.
  7. bohdidied


    No need to be presumptive. I'm not asking to be spoon fed nor have I asked for any help on the membership exam. I'll take it when I am good and ready.
  8. bohdidied


    Hello, I am from Seattle. We have a history of solitude/going by our own rules, and even white nationalism, but the city has turned into a hotbed of radical liberalism. Being born and raised here with the water on one side and the mountains on the other is something I need to thank my parents for. I would like to think the Pacific Northwest is unique but we are certainly not special out here. I found this forum by going down a Google "rabbit hole" . I have been following following the local Attomwaffen Division for a few years after seeing the group pop up in the news and on social media. They looked to be a bunch of kids playing Nazi at first, but then one of the guys had his guns taken away under a new red flag law and I realized they are now adults with facial hair, wives and kids, and everything else that comes with being in your 20s. From a broader perspective, I have always been fascinated by fascism--particularly the question of the Jews in Europe and the historical role of race in America. I read Mein Kampf in high school, started listening to Fortress (a kick ass WP band from Australia), and saw a handful of my buddies turn in to bikers or even Woods as people went their own way. I've always been relatively straight as I have become older and fatter, but something is missing. Hitler was obviously a draw before learning more about Mussolini and the even Tito and other leaders after WWII. They are far removed from modern fascist philosophy (note that I am not here to theorize like some college professor) but their ideals do offer some insight on how smashing and reworking the system can succeed or fail. I later began reading about everything from far-right hooliganism to the The Turner Diaries. Registering here is surprisingly based on reading some of the views on this very introduction board. I had never heard of Siege or Next Leap before and want to know more. I want to be open to the TRUTH even if it is still not clear to me exactly what it is other than being morally righteous and honest. My interests have become boring in middle age. I want to be better at the drums to let out aggression and maybe learn how to sail. I like having a good beer while watching Jeopardy at home or a stupid loud show. I need to know more about myself and how to better this broken system before I die. Obtaining an international accreditation in commercial facilities management is something I can offer. I know it sounds silly, but these classes are teaching me more about construction, building systems, and leadership. I am decent at some more militaristic stuff that i don't need to go in to, or I can instead write with "fluff" if preferred. I have always been right of center politically and I think at least part of that has been my need to rebel against the lies of the left. Conversely, I am not religious so the GOP is not entirely appealing. I know that their is a certain level of occultism in some fascist circles, but I prefer to think the metaphysical would be simple reality if we could only grasp it. My introduction was a little longer than expected with some points were probably missed. I hope you understand that I am at least not bullshitting you. I want to learn more and contribute.

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