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  1. wuuthr4d

    I need some help

    Glow on, son, glow on. I mean I know my status in this community and all, but can this motherfucker get gassed already?
  2. wuuthr4d

    Introduction - Wuuthr4d

    I'm currently working through GLR's White Power, someone told me it was better than starting with TTTW since that has a lot of the same material as White Power. Read Codreanu's For My Legionaries, Mosely's 100 Questions, Turner and Hunter for the fiction vibe, Siege, Next Leap (this has been a huge influence on my worldview, really sets the stage), and Squire's Trial. Looking to get a solid hard-copy of a good translation of MK, but haven't found one yet. I've also read a little of NS Biological Worldview but haven't finished it yet. Even though I've read all this stuff, I still don't feel like I know enough. The esoteric world is very new to me still, and I haven't really gotten into much there. Finished up and submitted my test last week, but not looking to rush the mods. My test definitely shows the effect Next Leap had on my thinking.
  3. wuuthr4d

    Introduction - Wuuthr4d

    Where you're from - United States How you found us - I've been lurking around the fascist world online for a while but not terribly active. Fascist Forge came up when I was looking around, seems to be more in line with my worldview. Why you registered - The views you project are the closest I've found to my own online. I missed the Iron March days and this looks like the most well-developed meeting place for fascists. What you want to accomplish by being here - I readily admit to not knowing enough about the worldview. I am here to learn from those who know more than me and eventually be able to train up others that follow. What your interests are - Being outdoors primarily. Hiking, camping, climbing, anything that can get me outside. I train physically regularly, so anything that puts the two of those together is where I want to be. What your skills are - While I don't bring a lot to the table here, I am a white man with a strong back who is willing to put in the work to learn, train, and move forward. What your political history is - Like many I started in the shitty world of conservatism in my much younger days. That developed into a libertarian-style mindset and quickly into the fascist worldview. My development primarily came from the reading I've done, but as I mentioned before, I do not profess to be nearly as well learned as I'd like to be.

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