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    Hi, I have been a relatively longtime reader on some fascist telegram channels after finding them through 8chan. I've read Mein Kampf, A Squire's Trial, and another really good one from Iron March that I can't remember, I'm tired of sitting around doing nothing and want to learn more about how to live fascism in the world. I am an Aryan man from Hawaii where many people have government jobs, a lot of the land is owned by people who are parasites and don't know how to farm. I know how to work the land from farm work I've done, which will be useful when the time comes and these parasites are gone. I am interested in learning more about fascist scholarship and about taking action. I used to be a Republican and I was excited when Donald Trump got elected, but I have been so disappointed and I no longer think that we will ever win a better world for our children by voting. I just submitted my membership application and I am looking forward to hopefully joining the community and meeting people.

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