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    Hello everyone, as my alias says I am Sweet Tooth. I am from California and I found Fascist Forge from typing in "Fascist Forum" into the search bar, the first thing that came up was a vox article about this place and after a little bit of lurking I liked what I saw. I registered because I missed the boat on Ironmarch and was itching for an online space for actual and serious Fascist discussion, the best I could get was the occasional Fascist or National Socialist thread on pol but everyone knows those just get swarmed by all manner of trolls, this place runs a tight ship in that regard and isn't scared of actual radical philosophy, in light of this registering seemed like a no-brainer. My hope with being on Fascist Forge is to engage in fruitful, serious, and interesting discussion and hopefully expand and mature my philosophy. One issue I, and I am sure many people on this forum face is the fact that the majority of people I know in real life either do not care about politics and philosophy or there view on the world is so extremely surface level as to make a discussion with them absolutely worthless. One can only expand there worldview so effectively when they are operating solo, places like this remedy this problem by allowing Fascists to cut through all the nonsense and get down to business in terms of discussion. My interests are few, I enjoy video games, reading, exercise, and going for walks early in the morning and late at night, I would like to get into activities such as hiking and camping to escape the cosmopolitanism of were I live and actually be around nature but this is not viable at the moment as I am still in high school and have no car or income. My skills much like my interests are not many if I am honest, I am very physically strong thanks to daily exercise, I have basic experience with heavy equipment operation such as wheel loaders and excavators, once high school ends though, I will go into the trades and accumulate many practical skills. For political history it started in elementary school, I dont know what prompted it, but even in third grade I was able to observe that one could be racist to Whites and no other race. I didn't really think on politics in any meaningful way however until middle school, I was a run of the mill American patriot, who supported gun rights and disliked oboma because thats what my parents thought. I would often debate my teachers and some classmates on why Americans should have the rights to guns. This is also were the foundation of my racial awakening was set because I went to a majority latino middle school and was made fun of for the fact that I was White and didnt speak Spanish, I watched in confusion as the other White kids just rolled over and took it and I will never forget a particularly pathetic example of a kid who had one Mexican great grandparent and insisted he was there fellow Mexican, they didnt buy it, but it never stopped him, he in many ways is the majority of Whites especially in America. Another occasion that stuck with me was when we were going to celebrate day of the dead and make sugar skulls rather than Halloween, I had a connection to this holiday because I was both American but also part Irish, so I asked my teacher "why do we celebrate Mexican holidays in place of American holidays'' (of course this was about pushing aside Whites rather than "American" but I was like twelve) My teacher called me racist and obviously most of my classmates took offence, then the teacher told us the next day we would do a worksheet on the history of day of the dead because of what I asked. Little kids dont appreciate getting extra work and the teacher essentially put a bulls eye on my head for a student population which was very nationalistic, this was the punishment befitting a twelve year old boy, they never tried to hurt me but I was ostracized even more after this incident. Going into high school I was not very interested in politics, my dad like Trump so I guess I did too, I was however swept up into the big anti-sjw craze on youtube, I watched these videos extensively always vigilant for the blue haired fat feminist that may descend from the sky to fuck with ma vidya games, because as we all know this is the greatest threat to society. In all seriousness I fell down this rabbit hole but began to find things flirting with nationalism and it was here I began watching videos about this migrant crisis in Europe. At the time I had a normie understanding of the topic "man this illegal immigration aint right man" I thought, but more and more videos later brought me onto to topics such as racial differences, white genocide, and the JQ, I put them off but always kept them in my back pocket for the time being. These anti-sjw videos got boring after a while, it was the same basic routine every time a person hating Whites and the guy responding just kind of saying "hey aint these sjws crazy" but never actually going anywhere with it, the why of it. Disillusioned with this boring routine I began doing research on racial differences, IQ, crime, and physical difference other than skin color to see if there was any validity to these ideas, the one that stands out was seeing pictures of African albinos, they didnt look White to me. As an intellectually honest man I couldn't refute this, things began falling into place, I wondered why my country was so advance compared to the entire continents and subcontinents of Africa, South America, the Middle East, and South Asia, It wasn't just some insane coincidence anymore. Ok so the races arent equal, makes sense, and there flooding into North America and Europe, places one hundred percent created by Whites and the sites of every major invention and human achievement, ok then, why? Despite essentially being a White nationalist, the JQ still rubbed me the wrong way, I was in a cringey middle faze were I saw Hitler as a genocidal maniac who brought a bad name to nationalism (stupid I know). I stumbled upon an hour long video made by some Aussie on the holocoust and the validity of the story. Among the topics addressed included, 109 countries throughout history, wooden doors, cremation logistic being physically impossible, the military style formations necessary for the amount of people to fit into the gas chambers that they supposedly did, chimneys being built on the lawn after the camp was liberate, recreation areas in the camps, and the red cross documents. I then researched the good Hitler did and connected the dots armed with the knowledge the holocaust didnt happen and looking into other instances of Jewish expulsion, such as in Egypt, it made sense to me why the Jews would want to sully the name of Hitler, nationalism existed before Hitler, but he compounded the Jewish problem and called them out to the whole world. I would spend the rest of ninth grade being vindicated, Jews constantly propping up multiculturalism, being (((White))) but then not, non Whites literally butchering Whites around the world, you guys know the drill. I spent tenth grade like this as well, but then that summer I decided it was time to begin reading, much like the anti-sjw videos simply knowing Hitler was right wasn't enough, I started with White Power from GLR and it charted out very effectively the Jewish Communist and Capitalist system, and the ancient foundation being set by Babylonian Jewish merchants for international banking, bank notes, and credit, Rockwell's journey from normie conservative to as he said "Sneaky Nazi" to full on National Socialist was great. By this point I was essentially a National Socialist but still had a major hurdle to conquer, I of course am referring to the idea there is still a political solution. Rockwell in his book began calling this into question but I was still too scared to except it, if we couldn't wake up our race, then what could we do? I played the game "Angry Goy 2" during this period of question, it was fun enough, the soundtrack however really did it for me. I looked up the soundtrack for the game, one track was called "Atomwaffen Division" I looked it up so I could download the song, I was of course bombarded with videos, on "Neo-Nazi terrorists" "American Isis" and "Gay Jew Killed". I started watching some memes, training footage, and shitposts about them, the prevailing meme of course being "Read Siege" I looked it up to find there were no physical copies for sale. I found an audio book on VNN, I listened to see what all the buz was about, I could go on and on but you guys already know, It was like nothing I ever read and gave me the words to articulate there was no political solution. I was sold if there was ever a doubt in my mind Hitler and National Socialism was right it had been annihilated. I visited Siege Kulture like a day before it was shut down, what stuck with me were the books on occultism and satanism. I spent the summer reading, I read Hunter, the Turner Diaries, Revolt Against the Modern World, Ride the Tiger, For My Legionaries, Creed of Iron, and the Lightning and the Sun, I even managed to nic myself a physical copy of Siege, I am curently making my way through Imperium, simply put my journey with literature has only just begun but Im making progress. I have not gotten around to occultism and other mystical subjects in extreme detail either but hopefully soon, once Imperium is done perhaps. So essentially I went Cuckservative, Cuckservative with slight racial edge, White nationalist too pussie to accept Hitler and the JQ, Uninformed National Socialist, to now were I would say I am a fairly well read National Socialist. This post was way fucking bigger than I intended, I tend to do that no matter what I write, thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope this information is satisfactory and if there are any other questions I hope I can answer them, cheers.

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