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  1. lamh dhearg gael

    My intro

    The IRA and Republicanism was a very nationalist movement until it was gradually infiltrated by the left. Two things I can never really or have a hard time getting rid of is Nationalism and Christianity. However I been watching and reading Hilter's speeches lately and just got siege so I have a ways to go yet.
  2. lamh dhearg gael

    My intro

    Where you're from? Ireland or to be more specific the occupied six counties in the North. How you found us? Looking up about Iron march and the AWD. Why you registered? Just beginning to read into Siege and similar writings and ideas. What you want to accomplish by being here Just to be able to learn more and discus things. What your interests are History, firearms, music and animals What your skills are Not much What your political history is? I was a left wing Irish Republican and National all my life but have have became Disillusioned with gradual infiltration of the movement by the jewish left and self destructiveness and self ethnomasochism of the Irish people who are content with being replaced by the brown hordes and serving foreign masters whether they be the Jew, Anglo or EU. I can only see conflict in the future.

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