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  1. Templar

    I'm new to this forum .

    I agree with you, but maybe he didn't know where to look.
  2. Templar

    I'm new to this forum .

    Even if he does not know who James Mason is, he had the courage to ask. He's trying to find the path.
  3. Templar

    Introduction Ev88rown

    This sounds like a honeypot to me.
  4. Templar

    i Found an Jew

    Agreed, it does not belong here.
  5. Templar

    SIEGE 4th Edition pdf

    I have been waiting for a bound edition, thanks.
  6. Templar

    Introduction - MrJohns1488

    I see the glow from here.
  7. Templar

    My Introduction.

    This intro sounds like it belongs in summer camp. I bet he's got a craft planned already.
  8. Templar


    Hi, I'm Templar and have the esteemed pleasure of living in Canada, the most disgusting beta cucked country on the planet. I found Fascist Forge through a story on Vice. I really felt as if this would be where I can talk about my worldview. I would not have to hear any loathsome liberal babble about loving jews and their fake "Holocaust", queers, or non-white animals lives matter. I signed up to find like minded people to learn more about fascism. I'm a quick study and am willing to learn. My interests include Geopolitics, History of Western Europe, True Crime, Esoteric, Spiritual Traditions of Pagan Europe, MMA, Military History and Tactics and Self-Defense. I would like to learn more about firearms, I've only been able to use a rifle when I go out hunting with my uncle during hunting season. Canada sucks because it's harder to get a gun. I have been a National Socialist for three years. I grew up in a very Conservative Christian household. I was studying WWII in high school and have always wondered what the other side was like and I was curious because everyone always told me that Nazis were bad for killing jews. I started thinking about my own situation. There was a growing number of every non-white race that you could think of in my small town, I was so outnumbered as a white person.They breed like cockroaches, what if they breed white people out of existence with their race mixing? This thought really bothered me. I kept thinking about it as I went through university. I dabbled in the white power movement though the industrial music that I listened to, martial industrial. This was a temporary place where I could speak to like minded people at concerts about my rapidly changing worldview. Homos also thought they could be equal to white people. That was the final straw for me, I had to find something that was against all of these things that was changing Canada for white people. Then we took in thousands of savages. Their sand god has no business in my country. I found National Socialism three years ago, but now my worldview is changing again. I want to learn more about fascism because of this. The books that have shaped my worldview are Siege,Turner's Diaries, and some browsing online for information on AWD, The Base and Siege. I'm currently reading White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell.

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