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  1. Tzeentch

    I need some help

    That's because "evaluation commission" just like the most of this site is composed of circle-jerks who think that they and they alone discovered the holly grail of what fascism is . Which really reminds me of those small Christian sects that scream heresy on everything that doesn't comply with their own little world-view . Certainly a far cry of what Iron March once was .
  2. Tzeentch

    My Introduction

    Yes I am .
  3. Tzeentch

    My Introduction

    It's my belief that just like white people in North America had manifest destiny to conquer entire continent that white race as a whole have sort of manifest destiny to go into other planets of Solar System and then beyond to the stars . I do admit that " space imperialism " is maybe not the best name for it,but it's short and close enough to the point .
  4. Tzeentch

    My Introduction

    Hello I will try to introduce myself the best i can : Where you're from - South-East Europe How you found us - i was reading UNZ dot com,then some faggoty Vox article where this site was mentioned . Why you registered - i was registered on Iron March and i enjoyed reading it ( didn't post much ),and since there are not many places where people of our views can interact ( and i dislike Stormfront ) i decided to register here . What you want to accomplish by being here - learning,talking with fellow minded people . What your interests are - History,Military,cultures of white people around the globe,Space exploration ... What your skills are - i know 3 different languages,i know how to fix cars and agricultural machinery,how to use guns,and currently i'm working on my survival-in-nature skills . What your political history is - my " active " political work started in high school when i joined Skinheads,later i toned down that kind of work ( beating people to a pulp is effective but i didn't want to end up in jail when i was 17 years old ),i read as crazy about politics,philosophy,history etc while i finished college ( in retrospective waste of time and money ),my political views were always " right wing " even if took me some time to reject Christian right for example .Now i'm 30,i have a solid contractor job i try to be independent from the system as far i can ( living on a farm far from feminist and faggots - thankfully we don't have many coloreds other than gypsies ),and my political views are best described as accelerationist .I'm not member of any party because i don't think that any party in any white country on globe have any realistic chance of winning power and/or actually changing something .So i'm waiting for a moment when shit will hit the fan to do my part . Maybe it will sound as a cliche but my views in single sentence are - Survival of white race,purging of degenerate elements and conquering the stars . Also i believe in racial solidarity - while there are many white nations and some are very different from one another i believe that we are still part of one race,of one glorious civilization and that inter-white conflicts are fratricidal and benefit only our enemies .

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