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    Hello I am a 17 year old from western Canada I found fascistforge through a shit vice article about fascistforge I just read for a week until I decided to become a member I registered to speak to like minded people and a place were I can talk about my beliefs without getting banned in some way What I want to accomplish by being here is to find people like me from Canada especially my area. fascists in Canada are pretty hidden because our free speech laws are shit And Canada sucks for white familys and has been over run by sand niggers that's another reason why I want to join to make them scared of us again My skills/interests are firearms/gunsmithing carpentry and history and lately I have been getting into military tactics I have been right wing all of my life but always hopped around first conservative than libertarian and now I'm here. im still kind of new to fascism so if you could suggest any books that'd be great.

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