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  1. Jake

    New South Wales

    How are you guys holding up with the fires? I note there is a lot of 'Indian men travel across country to serve FF's curry... aren't they heroes'...
  2. Jake

    Into - hello everyone

    Where you're from - I live in western NSW - Australia How you found us - Telegram Why you registered - Everyone seems likeminded so why not? What you want to accomplish by being here - Meet some people, hang out in a place where I can say what I think and not get jew banned. What your interests are - Footy, riding moties, giving lefty cuck wankers and everyone they support the finger haha What your skills are - Can ride moties, horses and drive a truck. Was in the RAN for what that's worth. What your political history is - Country guy so family is always National, they just want to bend over for the jewish banks and that. NS now.

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