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  1. Jackal


    Essential if you want anything to get done yes... but not to understand the Fascist worldview.
  2. Jackal

    My introduction

    What's wrong with that? I've been waiting for verification for over a week now.
  3. Jackal

    new here.

    Beside the fact you left two questions unanswered, there is so much vagueness in the answers you have provided that I'm very well convinced that you're not a Fascist and just simply another counter-culture Alt-Rightist. Especially since you identify as a "non Christian Nationalist". If you are looking for direction to amend your beliefs to be more consistent and firm that's fine and I encourage that but don't go trying balls to the wall by applying for a website that you just heard about over a boomer site like Stormfront.
  4. Jackal


    The problem people are having with you is you're seemingly evasive towards a simple question "Have you read SIEGE?" it's a simple yes or no question. You saying "I have read hundreds of books" doesn't tell us you've read SIEGE. Since you have answered that question now, what do you think it's about? Do you think it's essential for understanding the Fascist worldview and overall what's your opinion about it?
  5. Jackal


    Sorry but can you give me an example of a time when two people on an internet forum like IM or this one organized a meetup and one of them ended up being a fed and the other being arrested? Or at the very least a time someone was proven to be a definite fed with solid evidence instead of just being accused of being one and banned before they could disprove said accusation? I don't think you can. Also have you thought of the slightest possibility that maybe someone who disagrees with the way the system persecutes is not a fed or lemming and is another Fascist revolutionary who see's the system SLIGHTLY differently than you do? Also if feds were all over sites like these and you know it why would you willingly sign up for one that is easily accessible from a simple google search? Seems like you haven't thought things through have you pal?
  6. Jackal

    My introduction

  7. Jackal


    I don't really get much of a fed vibe from any of this. More of a clueless imbecile vibe, most internet police don't really give a shit about legal sites like this one. Mainly just child pornographic sites on the dark web is what they look into.
  8. Jackal

    My introduction

    Q: Where you're from? A: United States Q: How you found us A: Was well aware of this site for a while, also know a few guy's on here as well. Q: Why you registered A: I'm just bored really. Q: What you want to accomplish by being here A: No specific goals really, I just missed out on IM so I'm looking to be a part of some Nazi forum. Q: What your interests are A: NSBM, Cooking in areas devout of civilization and propaganda. Q: What your skills are A: Propaganda,Writing and Cooking with little ingredients and without cooking materials. Q: What your political history is A: Originally I was into the Alt-Right and organizations like Identity Evropa until I realized that it's just an organization filled with pseudo-intellects. I then moved on to the Nationalist Front with Vanguard America but that organization is simply a shell of it's former self and membership there was just a bag of bricks. Afterwards I studied more and became more engulfed with the National Socialist worldview and became something much more than a simple white nationalist and/or identitarian.

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