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  1. RedEnsign

    My Introduction

    Hahaha, Demolitions expert? Fireworks sounds like a kids hobby
  2. RedEnsign

    Small group set up

    [email protected] It sounds a bit fake if you ask me. Spell Federal Agent backward, if your successful, your not a FED.
  3. RedEnsign

    Canadian Nationalist - Red Ensign

    And what does fascism use for their national will and strength? Nationalism, Natsoc is nationalism.
  4. Hello, I was already aware of the Iron march before they were shut down by the Jude, fortunately, I was informed they made a new site under a new name. So I decided I'd come swing by and see what this is all about. I already share fascist and national socialist views, and I lean more towards fascism as I see the corporate state to be more beneficial to the modern world although this version of modern society is broken. A little about me, I'm a self-taught graphics art designer and I make art regarding our struggle against the system. From fashwave to historical pieces. Eventually, I'm wanting to take this hobby and turn it into a full-time career with the right organization that can use my skills to full effect. Canadian born and raised in the western provinces, German and British genes with a bit of metis although it's only a fraction. I personally believe I was born in the wrong era and was suppose to be born during the second world war as a media producer for the Propagandaministerium which was the Reich ministry of media for the 3rd Reich, but that didn't happen so I suppose my purpose is to push for a new government. Political Ideology: Revolutionary Nationalist - Fascist Religious view: Thiest My fashwave instagram: official_hsa.exe Sincerely, Red Ensign.

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