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  1. ProudWhiteTexan

    Good books on Fascism

    Can anyone recommend some good reads on Fascism and National Socialism?
  2. ProudWhiteTexan

    Small group set up

    I've set up a small group of WN.We have a Discord server up if anyone is interested. You can email me at [email protected] for any questions. Its important that we band together somehow and start making changes so that the niggers and brown motherfuckers don't overrun us.Have an awesome White day guys.88
  3. ProudWhiteTexan

    Killing sandniggers

    Does anyone else wish war with Iran would pop off so that we could murder swarms of those Mohammed loving dunecoons?
  4. ProudWhiteTexan

    I'm new to this site

    Thank you.Do you how long it takes for my membership exam to be submitted and processed?Have a good one boss
  5. ProudWhiteTexan

    Possible new group

    I think I got a name down.I'm going to setup a Discord server and maybe some other things.Again my email is [email protected] if you wanna HMU or have questions or whatever.88
  6. ProudWhiteTexan

    Possible new group

    Coo.Aiight.My email is [email protected] me up so we can get this thing rollin ay
  7. ProudWhiteTexan

    Possible new group

  8. ProudWhiteTexan

    Possible new group

  9. ProudWhiteTexan

    My Introduction =)

    Nice intro.I'm from the US.If you ever wanna chat hit me up.Piece.
  10. ProudWhiteTexan

    Any groups in Texas

    Anybody know of any groups in Texas?Such as in the DFW or Quinlan/Lake Tawakoni area?
  11. ProudWhiteTexan

    Possible new group

    I'm thinking of starting an online group. Anyone interested hit me up.Also might set up a discord server if anyone is into it.Just an idea so we can connect more and put our efforts together.
  12. ProudWhiteTexan

    I'm new to this site

    Just wanted to know if there are any Skinhead groups in the Quinlan area.

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