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  1. 14_words

    My Introduction

    Check the learning center. There should be some literature to check out.
  2. 14_words

    My Introduction

    Yes most white women are leftists and contribute to the degeneration of western society but they are victims of the mass brain washing that comes from the main stream media. Everyone who is complacent with what is going on is a victim. These people are both victims of the jews evil schemes and contributers. They defend degenerative behavior. you have a point but come across as a incel schitzo
  3. 14_words

    An Introduction.

    Are you seriously nazbol?
  4. 14_words

    Attention to all members of this institution!

    Whatever you say faggot.
  5. 14_words

    Good books on Fascism

    Where can i find the audio book versions?
  6. 14_words

    Introduction - Jettri

    Well said brother. Sometimes we need the rays of the black sun to show the way when everything around us is darkness.
  7. 14_words


    Welcome brother.
  8. 14_words

    Introduction - MrJohns1488

    Go to hell retard alphabet boy.
  9. 14_words


    Could not have said it better myself.
  10. 14_words

    An Introduction

    You sound like a fed dude. Your glow is hurting my eyes
  11. 14_words

    My Introduction

    Welcome brother. Hail victory!
  12. 14_words

    Introduction for vetting

    Do you believe the chinese should be fascist?
  13. 14_words


    Welcome to the cause. Im sure your skills will be useful.
  14. 14_words

    My Introduction

    welcome aboard brother. Im new myself but its always good to see another in the cause. 1488!
  15. 14_words


    Thanks brother. Glad to be here. Somebody has to bring the fight to the kikes.

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