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  1. TheChancellor

    About me

    I read the Ford translation. And about the Base, I’ve heard a lot about them on the imageboards, so I really wanted to join them. I do remember hearing from somewhere that AWD balkanized a year or so again, but thanks for letting me know.
  2. TheChancellor

    About me

    Also, what I forgot to mention in the OP is that: -I’m from the United States (SC). -I’ve skimmed through Mein Kampf and even read a little into Strasserism when I was still experimenting with ideologies (no, I’m not a Strasserist). -My interests/skills are nuclear engineering (I plan on getting into that when going into college, it’s a high paying job and I wish to use that money for the betterment of the white race and donate it to pro-white causes). From my research, I’ve learned that I can extract Americium-241 from smoke detectors, Radium-226 from antique clocks, Barium Sulfate from a hospital’s radiology unit, Uranium-238 from Pitchblende/Uranium Dioxide and make Uranyl Nitrate, Thorium-232 from camping mantles (either old Coleman or Peerless mantles), Tritium from glow-in-the-dark gun and bow sights, Beryllium from Beryllium foil, and even manmade isotopes like Uranium-233 from Thorium-232, etc. I also know of other sources for Thorium, such as in vacuum tubes and thorium welding rods. -I already knew about this website for sometime prior. But after hearing about the Base and their recent activities, I felt I needed to get involved. -I registered to join The Base/AWD or find somebody who can help me out. -I’m interested in politics.
  3. TheChancellor

    About me

    So, just for an introduction, I first got redpilled about 8 years ago in 2012 after the Trayvon Martin shooting. I was 13/14 at the time, and at first my initial reaction was shock and disbelief that a grown man would shoot a poor child (as the media was spinning it), but then my uncle started questioning it and so did I, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and found that it could’ve been self-defense. So, curious, I decided to look to YouTube and searched through pages upon pages of videos until I found the ones that were pro-Zimmerman and that was when I started to see the narrative sort of fall apart. Then I looked into black-on-white crime and from there, I’ve been racist ever since. I even remember the shooting of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn that same year, and by that time I already sided with Dunn, and I was doing the same thing essentially, looking for the evidence to clear his name. Between 2012-15 I was the classroom Nazi. I called a black kid a nigger once through Kik(?), spoke out against immigration in world geography class in my freshman year and even pissed off some white zoomer kid because I said nigger. In 2014, I used to draw Nazi shit, would listen to RAC music and even defended Hitler over Stalin. In 2015 I don’t remember much, but I do remember the Charleston church shooting, which my reaction was joy and humor. To this day I still think that not a single one of those nine niggers killed in that church were worth a fingernail of either Channon Christian or Chris Newsome. In 2016-18, I started to become more radicalized and would regularly go to YouTube comments sections and put niggers on blast. But last year was nothing special. Why I joined this website is because I want to get in touch with some guys who can hook me up with The Base/AWD. It’s been 8 years and I haven’t joined any groups, which I find disgraceful. I guess I can attribute it to my social anxiety at being around people, but I’d still love to be around some redpilled Nazis who are around my age. If you can hook me up with them, PM me.

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