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  1. Ratko Mladic


    Thank you, Hail Victory brother! Well I understand, in essence what you're driving at, that the Material World shouldn't be the lens through which one understands the universe and the nature of our collective struggle. At the same time, however, thinking about economics does have its place when one is trying to provide for a family, as the polar opposite could have disastrous consequences for people who depend on you. I do understand the overall gestalt of your statement though.
  2. Ratko Mladic


    Where you're from: North, American Midwest How you found us: I am familiar with a number of Iron March documents such as The Awakening of a National Socialist and Next Leap, the latter being one of the most personal and important documents I can credit for my political awakening. In trying to find the Iron March forum, I came to understand the recent developments of that board and then decided to look for where that particular board transitioned. Why you registered: I have been a one-man team for as long as I have been political. I have kept my thoughts to myself, hidden my power levels, and would finally enjoy speaking and trading ideas with other Third Positionists/fascists especially in America. What you want to accomplish by being here: To build up my personal knowledge and skills and then eventually be able to find like-minded people in my local area. What your interests are: History, geo-politics, domestic politics, geography, military history, firearms, survivalism, fascism as a worldview. What your skills are: Drafting, construction, writing, image editing, marksmanship, some survivalism. What your political history is: My first real political ideology was neo-liberalism, this became neo-conservatism around the time of Bush hearing Rush Limbaugh on the radio. Then I had my libertarian phase in high school and quickly transitioned into what could be called American Nationalism. This, too, had a short lifespan as it was rather easy to dispel a lot of the myths of American Nationalism and then I basically became a White Nationalist while maintaining libertarian economics. Now, I have dispelled libertarian economics and have slowly drifted toward progressivist economics while being a rigid nationalist/racialist.

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