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  1. KillAshton666

    Hi everyone ( Turkey )

    I live in vain ı don't have a religion ı have a nihilist feeling and ı will die soon before death ı will take the turkish people with me
  2. KillAshton666

    Hi everyone ( Turkey )

    Where you're from : Turkey How you found us : I was looking for a fascist form and ı found reddit. Why you registered : I love this kind of people,life perspectives and ı'm learning english ı'm from turkey but ı hate turkish people the reason is turkish people is bad -1 iq they don't know anything ı'm a different person i am quite different my vision,everything is different,my religion ı want to kill turkish people like terrorist attack (: What you want to accomplish by being here : I want to be active member and ı want to open useful topics ı can't help anything else What your interests are : Watcing Series,hanging out in forums,reading books ( My Fav Books adolf hitler life story ) and nothing else What your skills are : I can not recall it ı have to ability to speak nothing else comes to my mind sorry. What your political history is : I researched political history quite and ı see fascism close to me ı love the views of Hitler smart clever,my feelings are so suppressed ı am hard bipolar ı am different every day today i love this tomorrow something else ı am trying to improve my english thank you thanks for having such a form thank you all good day.

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