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  1. WildBillyDahMuhricant

    Attention to all members of this institution!

    AS BY THE HIGHER ENFORCEMENT OF THE GREATER FASCIST POLITICAL SPHERE: Hello. This is wild billy the americunt. This is the first notice of direct opposition to the existence of your site and all of its contents. I exercise my right to “apply power” to challenge you the user and you the community in favor of the one true ideology of National Revisionist Collectivism for America, made and succeeded before it was formed. As it is clear that fascist forge only accepts variants of National Socialism in it’s interest of the greater political sphere, I declare that Revisionist Collectivism is up to challenge your position and claim authority in its own right. That which applies to true american identity must by law of power override all else in the world if their capacity serves them. By my authority I command that you obey me, lest you endure the power of meme magic throughout the subversive pathways of the internet for the first time. Let my mind and my direction be clear.

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