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  1. ForTheFuture

    My Introduction

    Fascism resounds with me far deeper than any of those other conventional viewpoints ever did. I was running around and trying to make a difference, but I never realized that I never would be able to make a difference while following along with conventional politics. Fascism can make a difference precisely because it is not, in fact, conventional politics. That is why I believe that fascism is unique and superior compared to everything that I've believed in the past. I've read an extensive amount of Evola and Gentile, obviously, but I've also read some of Savarkar, Rosenberg, Pelley, Kita Ikki, d'Annunzio, and Marinetti. I haven't read The Siege yet, but I'm planning to soon.
  2. ForTheFuture

    My Introduction

    Well, I say "organizing", but it was closer to running around and plastering posters and stickers all around town by myself, to be honest. I actually got in trouble for putting up posters in my high school, even. Don't ask what good I thought it would do by putting up posters where people who couldn't even vote would see them, though. I was young and stupid and energetic and passionate and was just desperately trying to "make a difference".
  3. ForTheFuture

    My Introduction

    Hello, everyone. I'm glad to be here. I am from the Bay Area of California, unfortunately very closely situated to the den of scum that is San Francisco. I found this website through some folks that I followed while exploring around organizations like Patriot Front and Revolt Through Tradition. I registered on this website for several reasons. For full disclosure, I am a white woman of twenty five years of age. When I was younger, due to my proximity to San Francisco, I was a liberal for a very long time. It was a feel-good ideology to follow, and I felt warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I was on the "right side of history" and all of that bullshit. Of course, as time went on, I started to see more and more of the truth of the world that we all live in, and how liberalism was not only failing my community and my country, but also myself, as an individual. There are a few things that have stuck out to me the most. First of all is the increasing frequency with which white women are attacked, assaulted, and raped by immigrants and "refugees" that have been imported en masse into America. It's not just that so many of us have been raped, of course; the worst part is that the liberals I used to associate with not only tolerated these rapes but sometimes even actively encouraged it. If someone ever dared to speak out about it - especially if a white man, standing up for women of his race dared to speak out about it - that person was labeled a racist, a bigot, or a fascist, all for wanting to stop these invaders from violating defenseless women. To say that I've started to become terrified to be out on the streets lest I myself get attacked by one of these "immigrants" would be an understatement. Secondly is the damage being done to our environment. When I was still a liberal, I of course blamed the degradation of our environment on the evil rich white capitalist men! As I started to look into things more, though, I began to realize that my understanding of why so much ecological damage was being done was incorrect and incomplete. Yes, there absolutely is a small, specific group of rich and powerful individuals actively attempting to destroy our environment, but it isn't white men. It's a group of individuals with a very, very vested interest in poisoning our soil, polluting our water, and filling our air with toxins so that we are simply incapable of living on this planet any more. After all, if they can't stop us from having children, they can at least stop us from eating, drinking, and breathing, right? Third is the degradation of traditional European religion. When I was younger and still a liberal, I was fairly interested in the religions of pre-Christian Europeans, especially of Wales, which is where I can trace my ancestors to. At the time, I was also a Christian, still believing in the God of Abraham and of the Israelites. What tore me up, though, was seeing the way that so many of my "fellow liberals" reamed apart any European audacious enough to try and celebrate their traditions and cultures by re-engaging with the faith and the gods of their ancestors. Time and time again, revivalist movements were labeled as racists, as bigots, and - of course - as fascists. It was disgusting, even back when I was still trying to be a liberal. The most important thing, though, is the fact that I want to have children. I want to find a husband, get married, and raise strong, beautiful, and proud children who stand up for their people, for what they believe in, and for what's right. But I don't want to have children in a world where my daughters will be stolen away from me and handed off to some "refugee" for him to take advantage of her. I don't want to have children in a world where my sons will be indoctrinated and brainwashed into supporting, cooperating with, and helping the rape of their sisters. I don't want to have children in a world where they will be unable to tend to the soil, unable to drink the water, and unable to breathe the air because their environment has been damaged beyond repair by those who would see them starve. And I don't want to have children in a world where they are incapable of celebrating the traditions and gods of their ancestors from fear of being ostracized by so-called "liberals" and "progressives". I want my children to grow up in a world where they can be the strongest, the most beautiful, and the proudest children that I can possibly raise. I'm not going to pretend that I can do as much as fascist men can. Even so, I want to be able to do whatever it is that I can do to support all of us toward these goals. I have clothworking skills, so I can embroider, sow, stitch, and many other things when it comes to making banners, patches, et cetera. I have first aid skills, in case any of our number are injured for whatever reason. I've helped other people to organize in the past, for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign and the Donald Trump 2016 campaign. I am fully aware that it's not all that much, but I just want to be able to help in any way I can. No matter what it is, I want to aid all of us to a brighter future for ourselves and for our children. I want to do whatever I can do for that. I want to do absolutely anything I can do for that. Thank you all for reading, and, again, I'm glad to be here!

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