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  1. Apekiller123

    Däs Intröduction

    Nice Intröduction 👍.
  2. Apekiller123

    SIEGE 4th Edition pdf

    Don 't do like there is nothing happend. Don 't forgot YOUR Heroes!!! 1 Brenton Tarrant-2019 christchurch attack.-15 march 2019. 2 Robert Bowers-2018 Pittsburgh attack.-27 October 2018. 3 Alexandre Bissonnette-2017 Quebec City assassination.-January 29, 2017. 4 anders knivik-2011 Oslo and Utøya (Norwegian island) attack.-22 July 2011. 5Timothy McVeigh-1995 Oklahoma City assassination.-19 April 1995. they are heroes for ever.HH.
  3. Apekiller123

    I'm new to this forum .

    "I believe in street fighting ." Nice 👍. Also Nice story 👍.
  4. Apekiller123

    My Introduction

    Jesus christ... I hope that christ will help You to succeed. You are a white woman of twenty five years of age.that is important for fascism... Your goal as a women is to produce baby's. like Napoleon said. where You ever gonna find a white man that will protect You!?!... You got to find a white fascist and be obedient to him...make white children for him... however You NEVER gonaa find one...ha haa! i hate white women they are FUCKING denegrate pussy's!!! trust in God.howver trust in christ. peace of christ be with You,fellow human.

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