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  1. ItalianWaffenGrenadier

    I'm new to this forum .

    No I never dabbled into James Mason. I only have read books on the Thule Society. And read biographical work of Himmler. Does this James Mason have a master plan I'm not aware of?. If so I will read his book then. But I believe it is still a good idea to use mechanisms from past that worked against communist like using street fighting as a tactic.
  2. ItalianWaffenGrenadier

    I'm new to this forum .

    I just recently signed up after hearing about the ADL attacking this website. I define my self as a Italian Folkloric Fascist . I highly admire the Germanic Visigoth Realm . I studied ancient Latin Greek symbolism and can read in ancient Latin Greek. I can also read in Old Germanic Runes/runic sigilism. I studied Demonology and have a complete understanding in how to summon demons to help you conquer you're enemies. My favorite sigilism and symbolic depiction is the demon Buer (Demon who controls 50 legions and is the master of philosophy and rhetoric.) Also I believe in one day making Buer sigil arm bands / shoulder sleeves and using it in my Social Republic movement in Italy. I am a great public speaker . Can speak in both Italian and Deutsche languages. I have mastered body language and verbal timing. I have the ability to tease a subject to the point of complete understanding without having to name the people I am talking about . I do this because if I did name them I would be called anti-semitic and would be stalked by antifa communists in organized stalking , which by the way I have experience organized stalking on my private life by covert communist . I believe in that "it is not wolf that turns into man, but it is man that turns into wolf" - Werewolf radio 1945 Deutschland underground resistance force . I believe in mixing folklore with black magic and Fascism . I once had channeled the spirit of General May from Napoleonic Army . I believe in re-activating Napolean Bonaparte's Golden Eagle Standard of infantry warfare. Only instead I will one day invent the Black Eagle Standard of infantry warfare. I plan on enlisting either in the Ukrainian Azov Battalion or Bulgarian Land Forces. I want to become a Infantry officer and uplift people with my Black Eagle Standard speeches. I want to one day be in a position of power , a military leader that can create an entire infantry division comprised of Italians and German people called the Visigothic Legion. Or Folkloric Visigoth Fascist ( FVF) I foresee my self in taking off where Napolean Bonaparte left off . I incision my self in rallying a gigantic thundering Army of Europe that will fight the British. I truly want to smash Great Britain . I hate Great Britain for how they subverted the Axis Powers in 1930's by funding communist gurrelas in Spain. I want to see the destruction in Great Britain's illuminati power structure that used Talmudic magic against Hitler's Germany. I one day promise to shut Great Britain's subversive mouth with a iron fascist fist. I conclude that one day , and we all know the day will come when Italia becomes Fascist again and a Social Republic is formed , that this will be a new era of utopia for all Fascist around the world and those who condem us by the millions will one day join our ranks and hail us, just like Hitler said. Only this time we will get the last laugh. I foresee in my future the creation of many fascist legions in Eastern Europe. I'm currently partaking in underground secret society of Visigothic Realm which cannot easily be subdued by communist or Antifa . Thus we are now more covert and when our numbers grow we will be more strong and powerful then any radical communist. I believe in street fighting . I believe we need some kind of street fighter battalions who specialize in urban warfare. I predict Fascism will rise in 2022-2025 Italy and Germany. The British Talmudic worshippers believe the Italians have grown tired of struggle. I believe we Italians have been living with struggle/Kampf since the beginning of time !. Kampf is no stranger to me !. My only conclusion to who I really am, lies with in me . I may be a Southern darker skin Italian but my little brother is white and has blonde hair . I would like to keep my little brother safe from communist Antifa gangsters. Therefore I am forever a loyal combat assistant of the Visigoth volk . If Antifa wishes to genocide the "white man" . Then when I rise to power I will send these dosile communist to concentration camps !. With in us all lies Italy and Germany.
  3. ItalianWaffenGrenadier

    My Introduction

    You are still very novice to Fascism which is not a bad thing but you must realized true Fascism doesnt mean shave youre head balled and become neo-nazi. That's what the leftist radical communist want is more child like skinheads who will commit acts of violence that doesn't lead anyone in any high positions. If you anyone truly wants to commit acts of violence then use the pen not the sword. Become a revolutionary Fascist and be covert . Form a group of adults who also believe in Fascism then instead of posting stickers on walls , go to where centrist liberals do their public speaking and shut that stuff down. Liberals and communist both believe in using migrants as a source to "boom the economy" so centrist Republican classical liberals shouldn't be youre friend but youre worse enemy. I have recently created a following on many Axis Power forum websites because of my writing in Philosophy and folklore. I came up with this new meaning I have been saving my pondering mind for atleast 10 months now. The Only word I can explain it in is , Folkloric Fascism. I wrote so good that many people who were not fascist became fascist over time after reading spiritual guides post to Fascism and European conquest. I do view my self as a modern day Napolean Bonaparte . I would love to start a war with the secret societies of Great Britian. That's why I came up with the term Folkloric Fascism. I also have a small group circle online that is very covert that I call Folkloric Visigoth Fascist FVF. They are all in Italy and promise find they enter politics they will use FVF as their name for their street fighters. In Italy there is already a Fascist uprising taking place but the news never covers it. And when it does they depict it as "Extremist with guns blah blah blah " They purposely never mention that these are fascist movements who are planning to take power some how. But being a Fascist you have to understand Antifa communist are you're main enemy . If they catch you alone they will kill you !. They will stab you ! And they will hang you !. Fuck these communist do not take them lightly. I have had my life threatened by these little misfit brats. My main reason for becoming a Fascist was to counter Communism. I had plans to go to Ukraine but suddenly Italian government arrested me for supposedly making threats . Which is true but I made threats to communist who threaten me first !. They ruin my plans in 2014 to join the Azov Battalion in Ukraine. Now the war is over and I missed it . I had plans on rising up in the ranks and forming a all Italian infantry Regiment in the Azov Battalion . But now I'm a Folkloric Fascist and believe in using black magic to summon demons to fight against the Talmudic great britains illuminati power structure that cost Hitler WWII.

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