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  1. So we need to build brotherhood and community with a mission. One way is to talk to folks who share our beliefs and buy some land. If we share the cost in rural areas like W.Virginia, Oklahoma, Eastern Oregon, 20 acres with a pond, some timber, a place to grow food can be found for $100,000 to $200,000. Usually with a small house and some out buildings. Often near a decent sized town with job possibilities. how do you do this? figure out an area you’d like to consider, look at on line listings, talk to a couple of bro’s about “wouldn’t it be great to have a real life with purpose”. Drop out of society and be self sufficient but with some benefits of some income. so we have a Dream goal, a sweet 20 acre property with a pond, some sun lit pasture and a couple of small houses and sheds where you can be independent. How do you pay for that? You need a 20% down payment or $20,000. A mortgage for 20 years will cost 4% or about $4,000 a year. You can get a mortgage if you have a net income after taxes , three times the cost of your mortgage, and taxes and utilities. So if you can make $25,000 a year doing construction work, your buddy can too, it’s easy. want to make the twenty year mortgage disappear fast? In the first three or four years you are paying mostly interest not much principal. So make sure you can pay a bit extra each year in those first four or five years. If you do you can drop the repayment time down to ten or fifteen years. If you come into some extra money it can even go faster. dream a dream of finding a couple of guys to make a community of Arayan warriors, living a wholesome life where you can set goals and do what you need to do. It’s really very possible with a dream and a plan.
  2. Farmboy

    We need to support this site

    Thanks Robert, telegram has Some great channels. Is there Anything you like so other brothers can find good content? your profile shows you support Atwa religion. Where do we find more info? Environmental concern makes a lot of sense, modern economics promotes growth over preservation of our climate. National socialism promotes true values. aTWA is interesting. Please explain for a newbie.
  3. Farmboy

    We need to support this site

    What can the community do to offer support to restart the exam process. any thoughts please?
  4. Farmboy

    We need to support this site

    Just one more thought. maybe someone can guide us on a goal. if 20 brothers gave $50 we could raise $1,000 for the site. Is that a help? could we raise $2,000. Would anyone do a matching gift? If this site gets support could we do anything to grow our movement. Just asking. There are some smarter people than me who can give advice. Thanks.
  5. I have been studying the resources and materials on the forge for a month or so. I want to thank the many thoughtful comrades who post info, manuals inspirational messages. All great. can we donate to support the fine work. Would some real financial support inspire Mathias and other leaders to continue this project. I will donate if I see some others say they will. Could we ask members for $25 for example. thanks everybody!

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