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  1. travspend


    My grandparents grew up right outside of Munich so picked up much of it as a child. I wouldn't call myself fluent but I know enough to be dangerous.
  2. travspend


    Greetings fellow comrades, I am from Mississippi. I found this brotherhood last year while searching. I want to say it was a .org site back when i originally came across. I came across the site while reading about Iron March stuff. I’m not big on putting my information out there so I guess that’s the main reason I never opened an account. I miss reading the topics that were discussed here. So here I am hoping to learn and contribute. What I don’t get is how people out there call this a “movement”? Are you kidding!? This isn’t a movement people this is you, your heart and soul. It’s what is right in the world as it always has been! This isn't a movement! This is what is right! I registered because I want to communicate with other fascists and get in touch with the community. I like reading and sharing ideas with like minding individuals. I’m still coming into my own so hope to contribute when I can. I want to learn as much wisdom as possible. I don’t use any other forms of media or social media to connect with fellow fascists. So this site being one of the only ones left and the only ones I trust. I know a lot of others use discord but it’s just not for me. My interest are reading fascist literature or just history and philosophy in general. I love watching movies about war. I love watching what people got coming to them. I’m big on being self-sufficient. I want to be dropped in the woods and be able to survive on my own with what nature provides. I do have a lot of skills. I speak German and English. I’m a gunsmith and an expert marksmen. I grew up a hunter. I used to be a sprinter. There are more but this is a start. As far as my political history I went from a basic pro-capitalist conservative to white nationalist to alt right then now hardcore fascist. Feel free to ask me whatever you want.
  3. travspend

    Humble introduction

    Welcome i'm a newbie to. We both are National Socialist. Like minded brothers!

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