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  1. Great thread. There is one group/type of group, however, that's RIPE for infiltration/radicalization and could really shake shit up if successfully turned militant that has been overlooked here, though. The type of groups I'm referring to, of course, are modern negroid rights groups, namely BLM and Nation of Islam, but also some of the more radical types of niggers that idolize Assata Shakur and whatnot, not necessarily groups in this case, but individuals/social circles. Mind you, this would be EXTREMELY hard to do (but also arguably has the most potential within the US), as one would first have to have experience with negro street culture so that one could 'blend in' (as painful as it may be to larp as a tarbaby), as you'd need to gain access to them (imo parties or the drug scene are a good way of doing this) without coming off as a fed, a leftist cuck that wants to prove he's not racist, or some preppy faggot suburbanite conservative looking to btfo them in a debate a la Ben Shapiro. Secondly, one would need to understand their persepctive on the system, which isn't particularly nuanced, given that they're niggers and therefore are by and large incapable of serious abstract thought or anything, but they usually are on the higher end of the bell curve for IQ relative to other negroes, so they can actually somewhat understand that there is a system in place and that it's bad for them, and these types can even outline basic reasons why this is true. Essentially, they see the system as something that hasn't "changed" in terms of it's attitudes towards them, and has simply gotten better at concealing it's racism via "colorblind" laws/policies. Basically, da gubment+ laws+cops= the racist part of the system to them. The judicial branch and the media are the only parts of the system they really don't hate (the judicial system is the route the NAACP and it's kike lawyers like Jack Greenberg chose in the 30's-60's with that one nigger and his apprentice T. Marshall, and is how they ended segregation, the social aspect of the civil Rights movement was kinda impotent). Now, to the actual strategy, outlined: 1. Familiarize yourself with the culture of the nigger (if you haven't already been unfortunate enough to have been exposed to it heavily as a kid/teenager). Follow this up by reading a SparkNotes on some insufferable modern civil rights book, like the New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander (trust me, you don't wanna read the whole thing, it's mind numbingly stupid, I had to for a Uni course). 2. Gain access to niggers. This can be done a few ways, namely parties in white working class urban/suburban areas or on college campuses, or by seeking them out via mutual lemming friends. 3. Gain their trust. Don't larp as an sjw, that's not gonna get you anywhere. Tyrone already has twinky bourgeois white boys from gated communities coming up to him and apologizing for slavery on a regular basis, he probably won't see you as any different if you do this. Instead, "bond" with this individual via the use of alcohol/drugs and sports talk, and organically progress conversation until they bring up politics. Once they do, you're gonna wanna pick their brain for opinions on the government, hopefully striking a radical nerve where you get some sort of resentful sentiment towards the police/government/etc... Once you've done this, explain why you hate that too, and introduce more intelligent reasons as to why. Bring up radicals/ more extreme talking heads, like Shakur, Farrakhan, etc... And talk about why they're "great", bringing up Shakurs system pig killing, Farrakhan's anti kike sentiments, all that stuff. 4. Make 'em militant. Once you've went ahead and exposed them to more radical anti system ideas, explain that only one thing can be done to truly fix this, that being the destruction of the system that "oppresses" them. Explain what happens when they try to vote, push for social change, or leave (Malcolm X, MLKang, and Marcus Garvey, Johnny Africa/MOVE), and basically explain how they could actually go about doing this. Essentially, give them a verbal summary of all of your anti-system knowledge, minus the racialism/Aryan supremacy. 5. Back off. Once you've made them militant, you MUST step back, and if possible find another group of them to repeat the process. Given that they're impulsive beings, the negro will likely rashly act, going after a local courthouse, police station, or something else. The last thing you want is to be associated with them when this occurs, because these groups/individuals realistically all are going be dead or in jail shortly after, and that's a sinking ship that you don't want anything to do with. The reason this is so lucrative is that they're irrational, quick to act, and temperamental. Upon being convinced that all they can do is get violent, that's exactly what they'll do. Look at the damage to the system caused by MOVE, the Watts and Rodney king riots, and various police killers. That is the type of payoff we are looking for in doing this. The best part is, if done successfully to even one group/individual, this will set off a HUGE chain reaction, as any nigger taking radical action against the system is gonna be killed or jailed for life, and this killing/imprisonment of them is gonna cause unrest, as the ape community is gonna be rattled, screeching their usual "he wuz a good boi, he went ta church erry Sunday, he wuh goin ta college" tropes, which will enrage Cletus and Billy Bob in their trailer parks, as well as the alt right nerds on the internet, sparking polarization and possible rioting, and outright racial conflict at best, or at the very worst/least will "wake up" other niggers who could then go on to take anti system action on their own as revenge. Again, this is all EXTREMELY difficult to do, and probably not something that anyone actually wants to do, given the close interaction with niggers involved, but is something that has potential TO BE VERY VERY LUCRATIVE in terms of accelerationism, so if one has the ability to do so, go ahead.
  2. Scythian

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    Ofc, a small, radical, well organized/trained group is infinitely more effective than any popular movement. That's been the case for successful groups to date, it's how ISIS began and ended up becoming so dominant as well (same with most terrorist organizations, like muh IRA and all too).
  3. Scythian

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    I couldn't find the source, but I love citing Mao's point about how a revolution doesn't even need more than 10% of the population "on your side" to have a successful revolution, it REALLY pisses off movements.
  4. Scythian

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    I think that Mao's rules for revolution are particularly important in all of this. Obviously some of the ideas/rules put forth are subject to modifications, but overall, a lot of his ideas still stand. The quote below, from Mao's work, discussing discipline in such a cell came to mind when I read your post. These rules ought to be a "guideline" for the leader(s) of any cell, and obviously can be expanded upon and modified to fit the situation, and anyone in charge of such a cell really should base disciplinary code, or at least part of it, on this. Discipline is key to having a coherent unit, and without discipline a cell can fall apart quickly, as lower level members may not feel any reason not to simply do whatever they want if they know no disciplinary action will be taken and that there are not any outlined rules that have been broken (basically, they'll do whatever the fuck they want, finding some half-assed excuse to call it revolutionary, and plead ignorance to any violation od rules if no rules have been CLEARLY outlined to all members, which is detrimental). Any infractions/violations of these rules and any others that are outlined by the highest ups should be punished swiftly, severely, and with a clear reason/purpose behind the punishment, that way an example is made of whomever is dumb enough to break rank and/or act selfishly (putting the well-being/interests of the self over that of the unit is inherently anti-revolutionary). Rigorous discipline serves another purpose as well, since all those subject to it are bound by a certain "code of behavior" (not in any moralistic sense, I'm not talking about "honor" or "doing good deeds" faggotry, I'm more referring to a set standard for actions that all members of the cell are subject to), and this will create a sense of unity and comradeship in the men (akin to how Navy SEALS bond after their intense training and subjection to spec ops "culture"), creating a "culture" unique to the cell based around rules/expectations/shared behaviors shaped by the previously mentioned rules/expectations that strengthens/unifies the cell and it's members as a whole. " Our Army’s Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention have been practised for many years, but their contents vary slightly in army units in different areas. They have now been unified and are hereby reissued. It is expected that you will take this version as the standard one for thorough education and strict enforcement. As to other matters needing attention, the high command of the armed forces in different areas may lay down additional points in accordance with specific conditions and order their enforcement. The Three Main Rules of Disciplineare as follows: 1. Obey orders in all your actions. 2. Don’t take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses. 3. Turn in everything captured."
  5. Scythian


    Let me rephrase. I don't kvetch about people who watch porn, it's not my issue and it really doesn't affect me, so if you watch porn, congrats, if you don't, congrats. Obviously it's kiked, obviously it's "degenerate" or whatever, but I'm not some cringey anti porn crusader so idrc.
  6. Scythian


    Before I begin, let me preface this with the definition of "Terrorism". Terrorism- Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror among masses of people; or fear to achieve a religious or political aim. Now that that’s out of the way, let the REAL fun begin. Sexual Terrorism, defined in its simplest terms, refers not only to acts of direct sexual violence (rape), but also to the use of any sort of violence against a specific gender, in this case females, with the intent to instill fear and shock into the general population or the individuals of that gender. This includes, but isn’t limited to any of or any combination of the following: rape, murder, kidnapping, targeting of women`s organizations/institutions, vandalism/destruction of property (this is much more symbolic and much less practical, but still), etc… (I think you get the point). You may be thinking to yourself “Scythian, isn’t that a little obvious?”, and my retort to that is “Shut the fuck up and read the rest of the post, idiot.”. So, what separates Sexual Terrorism from plain old terrorism? Well, regular terrorism, which is often best exemplified by Islamic extremism, is, as mentioned above, indiscriminate (to a degree, obviously specific targets are often sought after). Sure, that has a shocking effect, yes, but it is so broad that the point of it is often so vague or unclear. After all, broadly “Anti-American/European/West” are usually the first thing that comes to mind when a terrorist attack occurs, and sure, people in a state that has fallen victim to an attack think about it for a little while, but to what extent really? Sure, it might make people upset, and the average lemming might just have a switch go off that causes them to THINK about what happened and why, but the sad reality of the situation is that these indiscriminate attacks come off as having a vague goal that isn’t really an affront to anyone in particular, but rather the “West” (whatever the fuck that means) as a whole. As effective as it may be, surely one can understand how VERY specific targets that are consistently hit time and time again, delivering a CLEAR and concise message to the populace that even the most dull and vapid lemmings can understand could be infinitely more useful to whomever is directing these attacks. So, where does Sexual Terrorism come in to all of this? Well, based on what was outlined above, it is my humble opinion that Sexual Terrorism is not only unique in that it is a specific type of terror with one specific intent and a clear message, and can be carried out by anyone, but also particularly poignant and could certainly help accelerate the collapse if done properly. Why is this? Well, quite frankly, the disgusting West, with its rotten states with and deep Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian roots, is egalitarian as fuck. Modern liberal states are designed to provide upward mobility and equal protection for ALL inhabitants (gross, I know), and even if some factions in these governments work to prevent this, these political systems are designed to progress naturally into infinitely more degenerate egalitarian hellholes. Women just so happen to be a class in these societies that are simultaneously “protected” by statute and socially due to their physical weakness (although it`s virtually a crime to acknowledge this out loud), yet are also propelled forward in to social positions that they are simply incapable of handling and that contradict their biological purpose as human incubators as a form of “empowerment” (this empowerment of the disempowered/weak is loved and internalized by the system itself, and has roots in the “Enlightenment”). Due to this odd paradox where they are perceived as weak, yet thrust into positions that are supposedly “empowering” them and strengthening them, BOTH sides of any modern western societies care deeply for them, with the Right and Conservacucks seeing them as weak (which is why those faggots white knight so hard), while the Left and Progressives seek to empower them and force them into a hierarchy that they will only inevitably disrupt. As a result, we have the IDEAL target group for anyone that seeks to take advantage of this, as ALL members of and institutions in society are concerned with women in some capacity for some reason or another, and would see this as heinous and outrageous. To add to this, a massive wave of Sexual Terror would make a very clear point, not one ounce of ambiguity to be found. “But Scythian, what`s the point? Shouldn’t we be focused on more important targets?”, you might ask, to which I will again respond with a “shut the fuck up and keep reading”. These targets are not only easier/more accessible than other targets, but the “point”, or rather the “points” in all of this, ESPECIALLY a massive wave Sexual Terrorism that sweeps any state, are simple: A) The attack on a specific “disadvantaged” and “protected” class, with a very clear message, would shock the populace, as no one would expect such a thing. The fear caused by this would be immense. It would also spark outrage and a call to action. B) To add to this, male assailants would be carrying these acts out, so that would spark all sorts of debate and polarization between the left and right, but also men and women as a whole, as feminist movements would begin championing this issue and blaming men as a whole ( Holy fuck I sound like a “meninist” incel faggot right now, but I swear that’s not the case, and to a degree, as much as I hate admitting that I agree to even the slightest extent with those losers, they kinda have a point there), while incels would get butthurt and argue with them, and this polarization would cause societal unrest. C) The absolutely Dharmic undoing of all “progress” (1st-3rd wave feminism, ESPECIALLY the sexual revolution) made by women in the putrid system in the past 150-200 years, as the message would be clear if such a wave of sexual terror were to occur, and would inspire many of the “empowered” whores to step down from their jobs out of fear of death. This would not only be ultra-fascist in that it would mark a clear return/re-birth of/in Aryan Masculinity amongst those who choose to carry out these acts and the re-subjugation of the female sex, but would also greatly damage the economy, as these pushes for “equality” of women have caused women to become crucial in the service sector of the economy. With that being said, this sort of action is great because it could theoretically cause unparalleled upheaval both socially and economically, which accelerates the collapse. Plus, think of all the dead kikes that would Kvetch about their progress being undone, I`d imagine that Emma Goldman, Betty Friedan, Pincus, and every other dead kike involved with the free love/sexual revolution movements would be turning over in their graves. The kikes in the media would also go wild over this, which would be equally funny. But I digress. To finish, there are two notable examples of this, the first of which being not so intentional. That example is the Historical Aryan race. For them, sexual terror in the form of rape, kidnapping/conversion into war brides, and enslavement of Old European women was unparalleled in terms of success. Had our ancestors not partaken in these actions, they may never have conquered Eurasia. Their actions demoralized the nonwhite hordes of Europe and Asia, and any massive modern wave of the Sexual Terrorism mentioned above would be a microcosm of the “first” sexual terror used to achieve an end. Secondly, a personal favorite of mine, Ted Bundy. Bundy`s actions were a response to the ongoing women`s liberation/sexual revolution movements that occurred during his lifetime, as well as a railing against the Jewish undoing of sexual/gender norms caused by these movements and the growing popularity of porn (which as we all know is kike`d, not that I`m opposed to porn tho lol). Bundy took it upon himself to do something about this, and unwittingly became a figure that today should be looked to as a real precedent setter for this behavior. Bundy`s absolute brutalization of the female sex through violence and sexual crime was anti-egalitarian, anti-feminism, anti-enlightenment, and although it was a reaction, it was nonetheless something that should be viewed as positive and an example for all who choose to go down this path. Feel free to expand or give input, as I intended on expanding on the spiritual value of all of this and whatnot, but am extremely tired right now. HEIL BUNDY!
  7. Scythian

    Minecraft Server is Up (Joke)

    They've added rideable horses to the game, and there's a plains biome, so you can larp as ancient Aryans and raid sedentary agriculturalist villages filled with swarthy weirdos. I can finally live out my dream of being a steppenigger Aryan Kshatriya...
  8. Scythian

    @MmeColigny/@NgiNeThemba27 Fanfic

    She chose Sicko Mode over Mo Bamba...
  9. Scythian

    Justification of Rape

    In all seriousness, you shouldn't be here anymore. What you decide to do with your life from here on out is on you.
  10. Scythian

    Justification of Rape

    Let's not forget the priority of the types of mutt one should go for. Ideally, a castiza, Lebanese/Jordanian, Sami, Turk (gross), Non-nordic Iranian/Afghan/etc..., North African, North Indian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Gypysy, Ashkenazi Jewess (yuck, this war bride would have to be kept in a cage or special enclosure so it doesn't cause any trouble, as if it is kept around your kids it would likely plant ideas in their heads that could be counterproductive to our goals ), Arab. The reason that these are "ideal" is that most of these groups have some degree of white DNA, which would expedite the process of producing pure offspring. Anything else will take much longer, is super close to race mixing, and is probably too gross to fuck anyway, after all who wants to fuck a sheboon or a gook with a slanted pussy, that shit's for alt righters and True Diversity NatSocks. After all, this isn't done for enjoyment or sexual pleasure, it's practical and intended to produce offspring to up our numbers. Fucking a non-white for the sake of fucking a non-white is race mixing, whether a child is produced or not, and is an offense worthy of death. Race mixing is still very real and among the most serious offenses a fascist can commit.
  11. Scythian

    Securing Funding

    If you're willing to take the risk of running in to the system, there is a host of "alternative jobs" one can take up. We all know the more obvious ones (drugs, weapons, etc...) but less risky alternatives exist such as performing services for lemmings such as jailbreaking technology (assuming you have the know how, although jailbreaking isn't particularly hard). I've encountered one individual who is a formed felon who has made a "business" out of selling shit on e-bay. Alternatively, under the table work is a sensational method of still blending in because you have a "job" for all intents and purposes, you're just not giving the system as big a cut as they'd usually get from wage related taxes. Most of the stuff mentioned above would be good supplemental income, sure, but not enough to be independent of wageslavery, unfortunately.
  12. Scythian

    What the hell is up.

    Doing research for that small unit tactics post I was telling you about the other day, lifting, reading, the usual. How about you?
  13. Scythian

    Aryan Race

    Not to get too nitpick-y and sound like a stormfag, but that's not the case at all for most eastern euros (except Bulgarians and south slavs), specifically those in the Northern parts of Eastern Europe who, based on studies, have the most Indo-Euro DNA from the steppe. In terms of all around racial purity, I do remember seeing studies showing Nords, Lithuanians, Scott's, Icelanders, Estonians (that shocked the fuck out of me personally), and Czechs (another shocker) having the most Yamnaya DNA, although IE blood came from other sources as well (the LBK of Neolithic Central Europe had Yamnaya-like DNA from the steppe). The only "racially impure" large groups that I'm aware of is meds, especially Spaniards in the southern regions, Southern Greeks, Romanians, and Bulgars. You're totally right regarding the extremely small percentage of other Eurasian whites who aren't disgusting turkic-arab mongrels, though.
  14. Scythian

    Aryan Race

    You're a little rusty on the material nature of the Historical Aryans based on what I have just read. Descendants of Aryans that are pure exist across eurasia, it's a case by case basis, and some Iranics (Namely Pashtuns, Pamirs, Tajiks, etc went untouched by Mongol hordes and arab Marauders since they remained in mountainous regions), 99% of slavs (seriously, the Asiatic slav thing is a meme pushed by Stormfags who have done no research), and many other groups can be pure. Sperging over materialistic shit is pointless, though, and the whole petty nationalism thing is not only stupid, but counterproductive to any revolutionary group. Also muh NW Euro purity meme is a fucking joke. It's on you to educate yourself on the material nature of Aryan Blood. Your understanding is so clearly rooted in alt right tier pseudo-scientific outdated anthropology from like the 1800s (the same anthropologists who pushed this also said Ethiopians were the same race as us, and that so are kikes and Arabs). Go do some reading. There are literally Poles more racially pure than some Nords (who can at times have Sami blood), which is why trying to talk in terms of whole ethnic groups can be fallacious, although by and large some groups tend to (emphasis on TEND) to have less non white admixture than others. Regardless, this isnt a population genetics blog, nor is an autistic 4chan thread devoted to screeching about group "X" being non-white/whiter than some other group/etc..., So that's enough on that. You got the dualism thing spot on, though.

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