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  1. Pestilence

    Chemical Weapons Manual

    A little fedposty be careful. Just for educational purposes.
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    Or maybe they're doing what feds do and lying.
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    Oh i guess hes clean. Welcome aboard. 😒
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    Im on too much acid for this.
  5. Ultimately blackmail is a surprisingly weak tool and will end an infiltration before it can become incredibly useful. sure. They have the option to do what you want, or risk a threatening info leak, but what is there incentive to do what you want after you've leaked the info. Its an overly risky tool to risk your infiltration. What you said immediately after is a far superior subversion. Pathos will reign superior in most cases because of our in depth philosophical work with the issue of "morality". We have either entirely given up the idea of morality or replaced universal truth as morality. Because of this, we can really spin even the most "detestable" acts such as rape or terrorism into a "moral" position. This is significantly easier to apply to mundanes because they're never self aware of their own subjective morality. This being said, if we want to convince someone within a non fascist group to do something fascist, it would be best to morally justify it first; well before applying ethos or logos. Harry Potter merchandise goes a long way. All in all great post.
  6. Brief Guide To Psychological Terrorism. Preface: This is a list of tactics to keep in mind when operating shortly before, during, or post collapse. The opposing morale is an oft overlooked aspect of sustained combat. The categories of fear are in order from least severe to most severe and described in depth by doctor Karl Albrecht (checked for jewishness, hes clean.) Source. Extinction. All mundanes fear death. This is extremely simple to incorporate: be deadly. Train hard and operate effectively. If your opposition fears for their life solely for being your opposition, yet they’ll never have peace with you, their morale drops tenfold. Mutilation. All mundanes fear pain and survivable destruction. Because of this you should fight ruthlessly. Of course leave no survivors when possible but don't make a gunfight look peaceful, should mutilated comrades be discovered by the opposition. Loss Of Autonomy. All mundanes fear a threat to their “independence”. We know that lemmings are essentially autonomous but that doesn’t mean an Aryan predator can’t impose his free will upon them. Functionally, this means snide, aggressive, defensive maneuvers. I know, that was a mess, let me clarify. Be an aggressor to enemy forces only after they make a move. Punish them for even the smallest changes in positioning. The goal is to make the opposition feel truly enslaved for picking a fight with you. Separation. All mundanes fear isolation as part of being natural pack animals. With an appropriately directional and chaotic attack, a large (or small if you wish) fighting force can be broken up. Isolation of groups or individuals under gun fire is traumatizing, which means you can take advantage of this. Ego Death. This is extremely difficult to embed into a strategic tactic. This can only really be done after incorporating all aforementioned lesser fears at once and to a severe degree. But put yourself in their place. A lemming, under gunfire, fearing for his life, completely separated from his squadron and unable to do anything without eating lead, has the time and opportunity to think about the position he’s in. The complete agglomeration of compounding fears hormonally replaces who he is as a person. In this short moment him being him stops and he becomes a hormonally rabid husk. At which point, he is no longer interested in fighting and would then become easy to finish off. Of course, this is a microcosmic example and can be done just as, if not more, effectively to a larger oppositional force on an even larger scale.
  7. Pestilence

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    @Chigurh we should write a guide specified to Indonesia lmao.
  8. Pestilence

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    Thats why chigurh and I are on this topic lately
  9. Pestilence

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    That was stressed by Hitler, Rockwell, and JM as well. That a revolutionary movement should actively see to be a fanatical minority.
  10. Pestilence

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    That was ultimately what i designed my points around. It was to streamline and spear head Mao's third worldism as well as utilize the piece i cited from Alberto Mayo.
  11. Pestilence

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    The Five Points Of A Terror Cell Preface: This guide is being written to efficiently and effectively form a terror cell in a third world environment .The best third world terror cell is adaptable so if I’m ever vague, there's a reason. Several of these points can change minutely or severely from geo-political climate to geo-political climate. 1. Mobility. This point does not change dependently. EVERY militia will need to be overwhelmingly mobile. A group of halfway decent fighters can come out victorious over extensively trained super soldiers with all the funding ZOG had to offer. With this in mind, the men (not women, as women don't belong in terror cells) need to have the best legs on the planet. Training should consist of extensive and strenuous ruck marches with an excessive amount of gear. (More than would normally be carried by a soldier during operation). Alberto Mayo (the one who trained Fidel Castro) wrote a piece called “150 Questions To A Guerilla” that is extremely important. In this, he talks in depth about how the legs are the engine of the revolution. A soldier must be able to move far, fast, and quietly and still be ready to carry out an attack just to teleport to a new location or the previous location once again. 2. Territory. All forces need a home, territory should be set up, at first, where few will care about. Then you will need to expand from there. No amount of territory should be uninhabited lest you lose your dominance over said territory. This is well practiced by a mobile force. If a territory is inhabited by a deadly force that can never be tracked and can truly be anywhere in constant fighting condition, you can bet nobody will want to dispute your current territory or stop you from acquiring new territory. In all instances, your militia will need resources, largely foraged resources. All men should be extremely well versed in edible fauna and trapping/hunting techniques so they never go hungry, for a hungry man never marches far or gets very strong. ALL territory sown by your death squads needs to be adequately fortified. If there are no bunkers for your men to fire from and no booby traps to shock the morale of any invading or outside forces, you can expect invading outside forces. 3. Armament. You WILL NEED firearms and explosives, which; aren’t too hard to attain. You just need to know how. Outside funding is always an option but this means you have to make alliances. That’s not a particularly bad thing but nazis aren’t exactly agreeable to mundanes. You will likely, as chigurh said, need to appeal to the area before you can expect potential aid. The next and most likely is smuggling. Send men that exhibit good character traits and would be able to communicate with the locals to get involved in purchasing arms. Then run them to the cause. Third and easiest, would be small scale raids. A small village of a third world country can be easily overtaken by a dozen good and well armed men. Of course, staging this attack at night would be ideal. Use of molotov cocktails is also extremely potent to cause instant disorganization to the locals and they’re to be dealt with before they can organize and preferably before they can escape. Use of incendiaries should exhibit caution though, you are in the village for a material reason. Overall an implementation of all three is advisable. Pick your battles. 4. Training. We already know a force must be overly mobile so i will touch little on that. But a mobile force does need to be deadly. This is cut and dry and largely dependant on geographical area so elaborate accordingly. Ultimately, all soldiers need to be well rounded as well as specialized. A sniper should know how to breach, but should practice being a sniper, and vise versa. 5. Mental training. Chigurh commented briefly on this. A soldier who is not prepared to kill, will have problems killing. There are several potential solutions to this but by far the best are ideological. Your men, regardless of what you pretend to be, should worship death to an esoteric degree. Hitler, Rockwell, and JM all wrote extensively about how ALL revolutionary forces should be nothing short of fanatical for the cause. You can expect sound results by founding the militia more as a cult that worships death on a macrocosmic scale. If your soldiers believe that they seek to bring macrocosmic death, they will have no issue bringing microcosmic death. Convincing them to drop any and all subjective morality is necessary just as it was for us. This can either be left as is and kept as a ‘void of morality’ or replaced with a higher objective meaning to replace their moral code (as dharma has done for many of us). Keeping these 5 points in mind as well as adapting it to your given third world landscape will effectively grant you a fighting force prominent enough to then apply third worldism and begin moving against more prominent settlements. Larger settlements exponentially yield more spoils to drive your terror.
  12. Pestilence

    Spotting A Climate For Starting A Cell

    Guide to starting a cell coming soon.
  13. Pestilence

    Infiltration and Manipulation

    There is an imperative to get involvement in north African terror groups such as Boko Haram or Al Shabaab. First, they're active. There's been a plurality of genuine hard hitting attacks, inside and outside of Africa, from Islamic African terror cells. Second, they have little attention. When ever a brown terrorist drives a truck through a European crowd, everyone brings their attention to southwest Asia out of ignorance and cuckoldry to Israel. You can expect to become an active member of an north African Islamic terror cell drone strike free. Third, Europe. You're never more than a short drive and long boat ride away from undocumented and untracked access to Europe. Should you need to leave for opsec, they certainly wont follow you into the Saharan. Fourth, the collapse extends to the third world. Given the presence of even a small number of Aryan comrades within north Africa, post collapse Aryanization of the Saharan and ultimately all of Africa is within grasp. This applies all over the world not just Africa. Think of it as a dormant Nazi embassy. Infiltrate. Subvert. Annihilate. Eradicate.
  14. Ik. I was for the most part joking. We had a convo where I mentioned the minuscule DMT produced in a dream state is enough to open your eyes to acausal forms and energies during a sleep paralysis episode. That idea was mostly inspired by Codex Aristarchus.

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