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  1. Make Europe Blonde Again


    "Mmmm... The system dick tastes so good... Mmmm" If the system need to choose arrest 50 child molester or 1 Fascist. The system would choose the second one. We are the system greatest enemy and if you want to be one of us there is no turning back. The system want to see us dead all of us who are decided to sign up to this site and build a Fascist network.
  2. Make Europe Blonde Again


    1. She lives in the United States 2. Even if Hungary is a small country with a weak influence and very dependent on the Russian/EU economic it must be a basic literature in the Hungarian Fascist/NS communities too like everywhere else too.
  3. Make Europe Blonde Again


    Why do you wasting your time on University? Have you read Siege?
  4. Make Europe Blonde Again

    I need some help

    Do you guys really listening gay music in the FBI office? If not what kind of music?
  5. Make Europe Blonde Again

    My Introduction

    No! Be a real Fascist! We do not want white nationalists here.
  6. Make Europe Blonde Again

    My Introduction

    We have nothing to do with white nationalism. Someone is NS/Fascist or white nationalist but cannot be both. We are also against white nationalism.
  7. Make Europe Blonde Again

    My Introduction

    1. We do not call ourselves as natsoc. 2. We do not support white nationalism. Being white is not enough and white is an umbrella term for people's who have light skin. I think you should read more literature's from the forum and siegekultur.biz Be a real Fascist or delete your account!
  8. Make Europe Blonde Again

    My introduction as an American male

    Being anticommunist is not enough and base your "ideology" about oppose to a minor problem is non-sense. It's okay to be American but none of us are pro-American. All of us want to destroy the USA and make something new and better. The same about Antifa. Why would we call them as a dangerous enemy? Why do you overrate some junky idiot? Your Trump is more danger to us than all of the Antifa member together in the world. This forum is a networking place for real Fascists all around the world. We don't seeking allies with those who are not one of us. The truth is one and if you are not a Fascist you are also an enemy. Read more Fascist material and be a Fascist or leave us alone! We hate Trump, we hate conservatism, we hate Israel, we hate capitalism. Yes, we hate communists too but they are actually a non-existing problem. Immigrants and degeneration is actually come from the Liberal/Conservative Capitalism not by some teenager who listening Soviet music on the YouTube and read some Marxist literature but do nothing about their goals.
  9. Make Europe Blonde Again

    American hoping to oppose communists

    Fuck your orange kike and your Capitalism!
  10. Make Europe Blonde Again

    Introduction- The Pengarah

    There are whites almost every country. There must be whites even in Borneo Island. This forum only for European Fascist if I know as well. I mean European as a race not a residence.
  11. Make Europe Blonde Again

    Introduction- The Pengarah

    Are you white?
  12. Make Europe Blonde Again

    Fascist forge art

    Next time you should use computer if it's possible but they are good looking.
  13. Make Europe Blonde Again


    1. We are not a Movement 2. Our struggling is not only againist Marxists but againist everyone who is not 2+2=4. 3. Semitic Desert Cults Not welcomed here! 4. I would also not call ourselves a family since there must be great genetical differences between us. Both NS and Fascism is part of the Universal Truth so it was not a great change as Right-Winger to NS
  14. Make Europe Blonde Again

    Heil !

  15. Make Europe Blonde Again


    Does the coffee in the FBI office tastes good?

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