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    What the fuck, guy?
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    Hello, i guess

  3. Dakov

    Hello, i guess

    Where you’re from: How you found us: Why you registered: What you want to accomplish by being here: What your interests are: What your skills are: What your political history is: Answer the goddamn questions when making an introduction, it's not hard
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    My introduction - hello

    Ah shit, here we go again
  5. A few months ago, I used to run admin on a discord server called NS88, a worldwide Fascist oriented server dedicated to let members from different parts of the world to organize together. It worked extremely well, a lot of Antipodean Resistance members (from what I was told) managed to organize quite a few events on there. With that rise in popularity also came a bunch of security breaches that led to it having to be shut down and remade more professionally. The guy in charge, which I know some of you on here are familiar with, wrote PDF manuals on cyber security and how to deal with security breaches both online and in real life, as the previous management of the server led to quite a few guys getting in pretty deep shit, not to mention numerous accusations flying around from members that weren't properly vetted and background checked. The server, a few months ago, managed to attract quite a few members from White Front in Bulgaria, which helped them organize on the server. Similarly to how FF is growing in popularity, we too will have to deal with an influx of diverse newcomers with either good, or bad intentions, or just shitty opsec. It's imperative that with a rise in popularity, we must make sure we can seal every security breach should they happen, or just avoid them entirely. That's why I managed to save these PDF manuals written by the admin of NS88 that more or less, ended up saving everyone on the server. I'd make a recommendation that this site should assign different roles to different admins and their primary job. Counter-intelligence should be a priority, as it's likely most mentions of FF have gone under our radar as they were either discussed in other private forums or private chats. Interrogation should be something everyone should familiarize themselves with regardless of their role. Finally, site management should also be a separate role for certain admins, one shouldn't overextend themselves to do everyone's jobs, thus site management, and counter-intelligence should be kept a ways from each other in terms of which individual will specialize in them. Many of us tend to spend time away in private chats on different apps, or forums, but I haven't seen many reports from them on anyone mentioning Fascist Forge. I'd say some of us that do tend to spend time on discord or any other platforms of the sort should seek to join different online communities, and either watch them, or gain their trust and probe them. I mean, for fuck sakes, Fascist Forge was on the news, I am positive we are being mentioned in numerous other forums and platforms that just went over our heads. From there also opens up the possibility of worthwhile recruits and members to this site, which can then go on to join real life organizations where their skills would be used. Another thing to keep in mind, we need a watchlist for certain characters we come across that may be security liabilities, or possible infiltrators. Make lists of them and all of their previous aliases, and make sure you have access to any private information from them. That would mean either through their friends, or directly from their own mouths. I won't go over how to do this, read the PDFs I linked, or just read my previous post on social engineering. It's imperative that we run this show like how the Gestapo did, and minimize all security breaches we can handle. If any of you have any suggestions, make sure to reply and add your input. Alternatively if you think you may be revealing sensitive info, you are free to private message me (if you trust me, don't bother if you don't know me well) or any administrator on this site, if you believe it is imperative. ISB_Education_Document.pdf ISB_Interrogation_Manual.pdf ISB_Recruitment_Regulations.pdf CIA_Human_Resource_Exploitation_Manual.pdf dodpi-interrogation.pdf
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    I don't think he's a fed, just an autist or someone that is REALLY behind on their knowledge. I suggest someone interviews him either personally, or wait on him to explain himself on this thread
  7. Dakov

    Approach To Newcomers

    ALSO, add some goddamn vetting questions in order to enter the general chat. I am sick and tired of seeing you know who arguing over White Israelites every fucking night
  8. Dakov

    Approach To Newcomers

    In my opinion the exam doesn't have enough religious questions aside from the ones weeding out Deadjewstick worshipers. It's not really hard for a magian to assume a non-magian persona. Sure, have some more stimulating ideologically related questions, but even then, all the answers would still be available in the learning center. Your strong ideological convictions are no match for the infamous lethal practice of copy-paste . Which is why having religious oriented questions are better. Anyone can claim to be X religion, so make them explain their faith. I'd suggest having questions which would force the student to answer from their own personal religious belief. You can't easily fake your faith as easy as your ideology. We're all aware of the Perennial faith that everyone (almost) on this site has in common. We won't be seeing infiltrators citing their beliefs from the "BRAVO GOLF" book that all of you should already be familiar with. And that's another thing I'd like to see. The introduction questions are sub par to say the least. "Why did you register?" "What do you hope to accomplish by being here?". It's the exact same fucking gist asked differently. No one's gonna register unless they got a reason to being here. That's more of a personal peeve. But yeah, there should be more intro questions definitely, ones related to ideology, and ones related to religion. Oh and make sure to add some really retarded questions to test the newcomer's sense of humor. Most journalists don't get the satire that tends to go on around here. My rule of thumb is that if someone doesn't know what cock and ball torture is, they're a fucking fed.
  9. Dakov


    I don't buy into the "everyone that registers here is a fed" thing, but that's all pretty mundane. Can you explain that in depth? If you're against imperialism then why are you so interested in Fascism?
  10. From personal experience, I can confirm this works. I won't go into details, as you said, "sinking ship." I know a friend of mine from Texas managed to incite a race riot in his school with this tactic, though his methodology was more antagonistic. I'd say if you choose not to blend in, you could go outright hostile on the nigs, use a proxy of course if you don't want to be caught. A good way would be to push your "fashy alt right" friends into fights with them, or do the same with an even more mundane friend or group of friends. It's really easy to push these types of people into fights, and as with any conflict, it always progresses upward and gets increasingly more violent as each side starts bringing more and more friends involved, just make sure the reason for it is race related. While a mundane white won't see it as such, nigs aren't exactly known for their intelligence or critical thinking, they'll be quicker to accept the fact that they are victims of a racial hate crime.
  11. Good luck convincing hordes of trannies and drug addicted no lives to accept self discipline and truth.
  12. I used blackmail as a last resort, don't use it unless you are already compromised.
  13. In the last few posts I discussed the infiltration of worldwide terror groups and the pay offs you might yield from it. I also made a brief footnote on infiltrating left-wing groups such as Antifa in the first world. However, in this post, not only will I expand on that, but I will also list plenty of groups that are "on our side" to infiltrate. Firstly, I'll go over the basic concepts of social engineering as you can do further research on the topic by yourself. Social engineering is the use of psychological manipulation to convince people to perform certain actions, or act in a certain way. There is this thing, called a confidence trick, designed to put two or more parties in a state of confidentiality, where they will reveal secretive information to you that you can use against them for the purposes of manipulation. That means either blackmail the exposed party, or further expose them to other members in hopes to cause internal strife. With such strife, you are easily able to deduce the possibilities you have at your disposal based on your goal. A few examples being; kicking someone out of a group, creating a smokescreen to hide an act you may have performed, or just creating a general sense of distrust between the members, thus making them an ineffective fighting force. With a confidence trick, you may also use that to get members of said group, to trust your initiatives, meaning they are less likely to question your actions and decisions. This will make it easier to get away with more borderline Fascistic actions you may have to perform in plain sight, after all, you are still a Fascist, you can't completely hide that if you wish to expand the rules of engagement in the group you've infiltrated. This is where manipulation also factors in. I already went over developing an ability to convince a group of people to perform a certain action under the guise that it is in their own benefit to do so, meaning you should be familiar with an ethos, pathos, logos approach to directing them. Side note, and this will surprise a lot of you. Using women as vessels to gather information out of people should be considered. As any beta orbiter will be much more likely to open up to a female rather than a male. Manipulation can begin once you become familiar with the six key principles. Reciprocity (always have at least one person in debt to you), commitment (make sure you can convince your group of people that certain actions have a no turning back point, and that you've already passed it), social proof (conformity is an easy aspect to manipulate, fuck having it be made up, there are so many empirical examples of people doing stupid shit, use that), authority (again, make sure people see you as a savior so it will be much easier for them to think you have their best interests in mind), liking (goes without saying people need to fucking like you if they're gonna do shit for you), and scarcity (not necessarily material based, make an illusion of time scarcity so people will be faster to act instead of think). Before I move on, I recommend brushing your knowledge on pretexting. Brief explanation, it's the use of making up a hypothetical scenario in order to fear monger, and to push someone to act in a certain way to avoid it. Need an example? Revenge of the Sith. "Your wife and unborn child will die, murder a bunch of kids and you'll grow powerful enough to save her life." Now let's get into the groups and how you can manipulate them. I'll start off with Antifa. Now, Antifa isn't exactly an organization, meaning there are no real credentials to joining them. All you gotta do is show up to a rally organized by groups like BAMN, and in there, you will have the opportunity to meet other Anarchists you can play around with. Obviously, have a cover identity. Shouldn't be hard to larp as an Anarchist if you've read Siege. Dress code wise, make sure to wear all black, a face mask, and get assorted pins and stickers on your hoodie promoting shit like "diversity", "open borders", "why can't we be friends?", general hippie shit. They're more likely to trust someone that spent money (or stole) on such attire. When you're deep in their territory, start using your social engineering skills. Possibilities now open up. Feed them information of MAGA or free speech rallies where they can bust them up. That'll push a lot of more right wing elements to radicalism. Nothing says free speech or "God Bless America" like a fucking bike lock to the head. Or, you can use them to attack more system feeding elements like politicians. They have no problem bashing in the heads of Democrat politicians just as much as Republican ones, after all, both are statists. Here's where it gets more interesting. Should they happen to find themselves going after people like us, meaning Universal Order types. Feed them false information. Won't expand on that, it's pretty straight forward. Or you can take it a step further, and show them a rally of Antifascists going to attack a MAGA rally, and fake some documents and posts, make them think that the Antifascists attacking said rally are in fact Nazis disguised as Antifa with the purpose of slandering them. This last one might be harder to attempt but it'll be pretty fucking funny if you do. I have a friend, one that is on this site, that is currently somewhere, and infiltrated Antifa. He will stay unnamed, but if he wishes to make himself known and expand his first hand knowledge at his own discretion, he is more than welcome to do so, if not, don't ask. Now let's move on to right wing groups. Firstly, Patriot Front. Dress code doesn't matter. Just wear something that supports American Nationalism and you'll be good. With them, they are known to already be violent. Having antecedents of tearing up illegal immigrant shelter sites, getting in direct conflict with Antifa, and hosting public rallies and flash mobs. With them it should be easier as you won't be faking your ideological basis as much, and you'll be telling them to do a lot of shit they fantasize about, however, your goal is to make their fantasies a reality. You've got the skills, make use of them. That means taking the fight directly to the communist block, and BLM. Push them into more direct conflict with these groups. Make sure they get to enact their fantasies of beating a nigger or a commie to near death. Aside from that, your goal within such a group would also be one of radicalization. During your time in PF, you should do well to spot individuals that may be convinced of the Universal Order worldview, that being The Worldview. Best way to get such people out of their Americana Circle Jerk is to show them the Siegeculture article on American Futurism. Afterwards, use the same tactics that made you an adherent to UO, and you'll be fine. (Side note: I avoided using the term Fascism when talking about PF, because they already describe themselves as Fascists. However they see it as JUST the ideology of Italy under Mussolini, we see it as the correct worldview.) Lastly, Identity Evropa. Yes, this is not a typo, and no, I am not having a stroke. Dress code wise, just wear a dress shirt and look formal. Your goal here isn't to directly radicalize people, but you will be doing a lot of pushing them into conflict. This is where you should do well when it comes to having ties with Antifa. Wherever Identity Evropa goes to have a rally, let Antifa know. That way they'll be pushed into direct conflict, which will, again, push a lot of their members closer and closer to radicalism and leaving IE. This can be done with virtually every other group that is of the same caliber as IE. The reason I mentioned them is for something a lot of you haven't anticipated. IE has a network where they communicate globally with other Identitarian groups in Europe. This is a good network for you to compromise. Should you get involved in it, that means you have free range to monitor Identitarian operations in Europe as well, and should you manage to compromise it even further by giving the rest of us easy access to it, we can plan things out much better on the European front. Keep in mind, racially conscious Europeans are much easier to push to radicalism than Americans, so keep this in mind when communicating with them and meeting like minded individuals that may be convinced to be swayed in our direction. Whenever such an operation pops on your radar, make use of your skills to manipulate those involved to take it a step further in terms of brutality or controversiality. The more media attention, the higher the state of urgency, meaning the more reason they'll have to either act, or die out. This is where pretexting comes in handy directly. If you manage to convince any group of people that their organization or safety is in peril, they'll listen to any suggestions you might have to "save" them. (Don't suggest something like bombing a fucking building right off the bat, move slowly and increasingly more radical or controversial. If you are sure you CAN convince them to bomb a building, go right ahead.) If any of you have anything more to add, feel free to do so. I know some of you on here for sure do.
  14. Now that, good sir, gives me an excellent fucking idea for a topic in the future. Thank you
  15. Correct, but you will be hard pressed to find many AuthSoc groups in the West that are radical or aggressive. All MLs in the West preach revolution from the comfort of their own private property. Pretty ironic. I'd say this extends to many so called "radical right wing" groups. Personally I think it is a very good idea to label ourselves as far-right, because that's what the media calls us. No need to complain about labels when we know full well what we are. As Rockwell said, "To hell with the right wing." However I'd say embracing the term far right will make us more popular among hooligans. Hammerskins in the US already have a high opinion of us, they're just oblivious to our ideological axioms, that being The Worldview itself. Which extends to what me [email protected] discussed regarding social engineering. Playing pretend with groups such as Patriot Front or Antifa just to push them in the firing line and in harms way is already something a lot of us are doing. Not going to disclose any names of course. Manipulating groups on every side of the political spectrum is something that has already yielded us many results in the past that the media tends to overlook, purely out of ignorance, and it should stay that way. Which is why I recommend having preliminary knowledge on social engineering, as you too can attempt this in your own backyard. When it comes to AuthSoc, I'll refer to my previous post. Finding AuthSoc groups in places like Iraq and Syria is simply just taking a stroll down any street in Damascus or Baghdad. Just look at what Alois Brunner did. A more relevant example would be that Norwegian friend I mentioned in my last post that is fighting for the Iraqi PMF. It's not hard to indoctrinate a Ba'athist into NS, and he detailed to me tactics he used to do so. While a rudimentary understanding of Fascism is about as best as you can do when it comes to most Arabs, convincing Iraqis that they are descended from the Vikings raiders that settled Mesopotamia isn't hard to do when you want to get them to embrace Ariosophy. Religiously, it's really easy to indoctrinate someone into being a death cultist for his race, making them a much more effective fighting force than anyone that simply agrees with NS on a rudimentary civic view. I'll make another post later today detailing all of this in depth, so stay tuned.

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