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  1. Ka7

    My introduction as an American male

    You sound like a typical dusty, stupid, simple-minded baby boomer. Your current beliefs have very little in common with anyone here. However, you're more than welcome to stay if you're willing to listen and allow your worldview to develop. Quite a few of us have started as typical conservative/anti-communist/traditionalist type people.
  2. Ka7

    Introduction- The Pengarah

    Opposite of what happened. IRA attacks led to increased support for its loyalist counterparts (UDA, UVF) and did nothing to decrease the British Army's will to fight, but rather increased the Army's desire to wipe out the terrorists. Extreme acts of violence (such as car bombs) also decreased support for the IRA within the Catholic community.
  3. Ka7

    Introduction- The Pengarah

    Sounds interesting. Care to expand on this? Are you stupid?
  4. I've read this book a couple of years ago and I cannot recommend it enough. Absolutely fascinating and entertaining read, as well as being extremely informative.
  5. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    Go ahead and make a thread. This certainly spawned an interesting discussion.
  6. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    To be fair, I'm not sure most of the people in this thread completely understand each other. The amount of conflicting statements is unreal. And you're completely misunderstanding me if you think I sound like a "boomer" (which I assume is because I seem to have an appearance of indifference towards the environment?) because my arguments are in the complete opposite direction to that. It's not cracking down on "us". It's putting up defences before any sizeable threat even begins to appear. It's tin-foil hat tier to believe that the government is always defending itself? Seriously? Of course the system is doing this. And yes, comforts make people passive. But an economic recession, political unrest, environmental disasters etc can change this in the matter of a few hours. This is fairly obvious and the system would have to be literally braindead to not understand this. You certainly don't have to wear a tinfoil hat to know this. This is verging on a different topic but I'm happy to discuss this here. I would disagree with the idea that the more control the system has, the closer we are to collapse. With the bounds in technology, the system is getting closer to being able to sustain extended control over the people for longer and longer periods. Ok. I see where you're coming from. But then that's surely what the system is doing. Increased solar/wind energy to give the public their energy, more fuel efficient cars and public transport, the idea of eating insects as a protein source instead of beef. All in an attempt to provide comfort without destroying nature and the system.
  7. Ka7

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome, from an Ulster-Scot brother. Could you please expand on your introduction:
  8. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    It's a progressive thing. 60 years ago, no one would allow their daughter to marry a black. Now, it's common. Fossil fuel cars are certain to be phased out (sale of petrol and diesel cars to be banned in UK by 2032) and replaced by electric cars, more easy to be centralised for increased surveillance and control of the population. Are you stupid...? ... Why on earth would I "sound like the kind of guy" to complain about that....? There's no point in continuing because you have barely responded to any of the points I've made and don't seem willing to listen. inb4 you respond again with: "I still dont get why the system is so dumb looool environmentalism helps us!!!!"
  9. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    Let's break this down. Banning of cars: Less individual autonomy. Masses can be more easily controlled. Masses won't be agitated, due to environmental propaganda. Less white children: Obvious why this is bad. Whites are the ones who fall for the propaganda the hardest. One of the latest environmental trends is to have a limited number of children (or none) to "reduce pollution". Increased taxes: Will target corporations more than individuals. Provide more funds for the system to further control the masses more tightly. Tighter regulations: New regulations being brought in ("no setting fires without state consent" for example) in the future will provide the system with further control. You "cannot understand it" because you're not listening to what is being said. Environmentalism works for the system, not against it. A mixture of self-preservation and a will to gain further control.
  10. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    @RustyRose You misunderstand me. Of course true environmentalism is an important factor in fascist philosophy. I love nature and enjoy spending time in the outdoors. However, events, such as these forest fires, which are promoted by the media are nothing but fear-mongering and attempts to implement policies beneficial to the system (which I've already discussed). So, to answer your original question, ("How should we act towards the current events in Amazon rainforests?") we shouldn't be pulled along with whatever the media is currently pushing and instead focus on the system's collapse. Environmental disasters will contribute to this.
  11. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    ... That's why there's been such a propaganda push. Because otherwise, people wouldn't accept the taxes... Environmental laws voted into effect will result in greater taxes on both commercial and industrial production. How does more public transport, banning of cars, less white children, increased taxes and tighter regulations help us at all? The environmentalism promoted is a complete hoax and only seeks to gain further control over the population.
  12. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    Those people are the same as those who'll vote for more environmental laws to be put into place. It's a lot more than simply changing your social media profile picture. Voting gives the system the justification to begin taxing fuel consumption more, banning cars, increasing the use of public transport. This reduces individual autonomy and increases the system's control over the individual. Also, increased taxes mean that the greedy rats in power get more money. Furthermore, environment doomsday threats create panic, which result in the public turning desperately to more draconian measures in order to "protect" them from the boogeyman that has been created. "Order from chaos". You think they're that stupid? The system is clearly trying to protect itself, which is why there has been such a massive push for environmentalism. And I've already explained why it results in more than just social media pressure.
  13. Ka7

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    Accelerationism. Environmentalism is a self-preservation effort by the Western powers. Trees can grow back after the system suffocates itself.
  14. Ka7


    Similar to me. Although, national socialism is simply an expression of fascism. Stick around and you're sure to learn.
  15. Ka7


    Sure thing. But take a look at yourself and ask if you're in any position to enforce your "special-snowflake" brand of Romanian-Italian-Monarchist-Legionnairism. I'm not hating, just trying to let you understand that specific ideology is not important.

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