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  1. viramarga

    Rascist little fuckers

    weak bait
  2. viramarga


    The 'philosophy' is not intellectual verbiage, it inherently applies to the real world, anyway you'll realize if you read the stuff.
  3. viramarga

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    AFAIK Atomwaffen has always been about training and reluctantly waiting for the right time to commit to anything meaningful, they have always believed it will collapse on itself https://archive.li/TloyV That chapter in siege that promoted 'run and hit' also comes to mind.
  4. viramarga

    Environmentalism and the Amazon fires

    This is a good thing from an Accelerationist perspective,
  5. viramarga

    Link to take the exam not working?

    just so you know the link in attenion/the thread is: https://fascistforge.com/index.php?/application/form/1-fascist-force-membership-exam/ which doesn't work, at least for me

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