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  1. I sent you request on Wire, not sure if you saw. My Wire account is in the general chat as well if you need confirmation. @twotonefrank88
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    Where you're from I am an 18 year old from Australia. I previously posted on 4Chan and 8Chan but left after coming to the realisation that the site is merely a lot of uninformed retards shouting over the top of each other. I then moved to Stormfront and lurked on the Australian boards but also found them to be uninspired and full of older, unmotivated members. How you found us I wanted to join an Australia-based Fascist group that had its own website and didn’t rely on mainstream social media. Fascist Forge came up during my search and after reading a few posts I created an account. Why you registered I was looking for more involved and interested members of the Fascist community and even though FF is not an Australian site it has Australian users who are dedicated to the cause. What you want to accomplish by being here I want to learn more about the Fascist philosophy and by doing so I aim to become a more effective member of my local White community and the White nation. I believe that a strong community and shared goals are a necessity for any Fascist group whether it be on or offline. What your interests are I am interested in history, especially revisionist history and how Hitler is perceived by mainstream media. I also read Fascist and nationalist philosophy. I am also interested in classic films, firearms and weight training. What your skills are I have good writing and research skills. What your political history is I began to be interested in White Nationalism at the age of 15 after seeing National Socialist memorabilia in a WW2 exhibit. Seeing the inscription “blut und ehre” on a Hitlerjugend knife made me realise that these men died for an ideology they knew to be 100% correct and that their vision for a model world carried long into the future as opposed to the short-sighted beliefs held by the American, British and Russian armies who only sought self-protection and the maintenance of a flawed status-quo.

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