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  1. Australian Klansman

    My Introduction

    Good to have you on here mate. Don't worry about these two retards in the thread. Give some of the introduction materials a read. 'Next leap,' 'A squire's trial' and 'Faith and Action' are relatively short and loaded with great information and explanations of the National Socialist worldview. They will be crucial to passing the entrance exam and facilitating your organising through this website. Good luck!
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    I'm a 20 year old White Australian living in Melbourne. I used to be very active on Ironmarch before it got shut down. I only found Fascist Forge a couple of months ago and I've only gotten around to registering now. I'll post stuff that I think is important to share to other National Socialists including books, videos and graphics. My interests are writing, graphic design and lifting. My useful skills that pertain to FF would be writing and graphic design. My political history has been White Nationalist at 15 into National Socialist at 16. Before that I didn't have any convictions and just parroted the media or what I got taught in school whenever politics was brought up. If you want to know anything else, ask in the thread and I'll be glad to answer.

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