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  1. https://www.thedailybeast.com/why-arrest-of-richard-tobin-is-bad-news-for-neo-nazi-group-the-base Less than a month ago I told you of the obvious dangers of Honeypots like The Base, a simple revamp of the AWD effect. https://fascistforge.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=1285&tab=comments#comment-5374 Many here have a disdain for public figureheads we see on television because we all see them for the social standing vipers that they are, as Jewish assets. We must have the same mentality looking forwards as far as public "groups" go. (And no, hosting your gay little group on Riot isn't "secure" for people pretending to be white ISIS) My suggestion is for all of you to focus on your schooling and careers, get a trade, a nice wife, do the works and get the family going. Secure land with 4-5 other men you've known personally as solid guys with their own families. Stockpile whatever is necessary to stockpile and document all our enemies all you desire but do not do anything illegal should be our charm. As simple as it is. Now, study and acquire counter-espionage equipment, burner phones, faraday boxes, IMF readers, etc. Learn how to build bunkers and tunnel systems for shtf. "In the crudest of terms, Virgin mass shooter V. Chad Saboteur."

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