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>Where im from 

A little village in Northern Germany

>How i got here

I was talking with the lads about ironmarch and they brought this place up

>Why i registered 

I wanted to be part of a community with exclusively like-minded people 

>what i want to accomplish here

My big goal on here is to get in contact with Atomwaffen Division Deutschland 

>What my interests are

Aside from Politics i mostly hang around with my boys or just exist i guess

>What your Skills are

I can easily learn languages and i also have experience with fire arms and molotov making

>What my political history is

I grow up as a globalist fag like everbody else. After that i took interest in American politics and thats where i learned about Antifa and the pride movement.Which resulted in me developing an anti-marxist attitude. The big thing however was watching Europe:The Last Battle that's where i learned the truth about the second world war and National Socalism. 

Thanks for Reading 

Sieg Heil


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Guest WhiteWerwolf

If you want to join go to thier website:atomyn4lngoqw5it.onion/ use tor browser

Then fill out the application and send it to the email that is on the site.

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