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My Introduction

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Hello, names Pulse. I'm 22 y/o, from Canada, my mom's side having roosted in Canada for generations (though it seems of a mix of Dane, Welsh or Gaulic descent), and fathers being "recent" (I'm the firstborn on Canadian soil) primarily being of Finnish descent. (though I've taken no Genetic test, nor do I really care to. I was blonde hair/blue-eyed as a child and Dirty-blonde and Green-eyed as an Adult. That's all the Genetic testing I need.) I've lived in Central Canada (Though I was born in Vancouver) for most, if not all my life.

I found you guys a while back, though I never bookmarked it nor created an account. Recently, I noted an old post about FF on 16Chan and said fuck it, might as well check you guys out. I'm registering because after looking at FF, being a vetted, anti-sand religion group for EH (or EF?) believers, I really can't get much closer to a group than that with my own experiences.

I'm simply here to engage in talk, maybe meet some new friends, and "network," as in enjoying the company of fellow comrades.

My interests are anything that involves Esoteric Hitlerism, National Socialism, and History.

My most practical skills would be an almost fatal addiction to military and military history. Thanks to that, I've read basically every FM I could get my hands on (thank you internet), which was once because of simple hobbyism. Man, it sure seems like destiny. Even being in a cucked nation like Canada, I can still field strip most firearms in my sleep, and I understand not only most military tactics from the company level down (though above company its more having good officers and coordination than "tactics", like the L Shape ambush or react to contact, and I specifically specialize in Squad level action and leadership), but the function of most modern firearms. I'd probably have served, if not for my worldview. I also know how to build different types of fires (though up here some types don't work as well thanks to permafrost), and general knowledge of survival (build a well, for example). 40% out the door is my motto. 

Political History? Beyond a Burnie Bro for around 3 months, and an #Individualist Conservative for all but a week, I've been a Reactionary Nazi (around the 2016 elections), then a Revolutionary Nazi (post-2016), ever since. Fairly extreme jumps, some would say. I'd say its just the natural progression. I've always been a bit of a Rebel in anti-ZOG testaments (for example, while in middle school, I found the three black children who also attended disgusting to look at, and I'm the child of semi-conservative though seriously anti-racist parents), so I'm not completely surprised I resisted ZOG propaganda somewhat. 

I've put in a membership request, and I hope to become apart of this Community. Heil Hitler! 

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Welcome to the forge! Have you read any Fascist literature?

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Lots. I already had a basic understanding of the worldview, so I skipped basic literature like Squires Trial, but I've read Seige, Mein Kampf, GLR's book are a good read, Lots of Evola, Serrano (a personal favorite), and Savitri. I'm learned, but always willing to learn more, though I wouldn't consider myself a newbie to Esoteric knowledge. 

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