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Reviving Fascist Forge

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I haven't logged onto Fascist Forge in admittingly a very long time, my popular anti nationalist post was made almost one whole year ago and it is one of the most popular posts on here. The problem with the current situation with Fascist Forge is that it used to be very big compared to what it is now, Fascist Forge had attracted many hard liners and many non hard liners and even feds and journalists along the way, until the servers gassed us for a good month, and then the site went back online and activity was nearly nonexistant, I really enjoyed Fascist Forge and even the creator @Mathias has said himself he rarely even visits the site, despite us being somewhat active on the Wire group chat; this I see as an error, people went to Fascist Forge because they saw it as hardline, the attitude was "my way or the highway" and it attracted active Fascists, which was both good and bad. It was good because it produced good posts but only among already well taught Fascists, to the point where a few posts were stupid because we already knew a lot of what was being said, it was hardly about doing what the title suggests: Forging the 21st Century Fascist. I personally believe we have been robbed of a good budding community that could be revived if we the users contributed more and were willing to put in effort to make it like Ironmarch once was, I made this post because going through IM archives online pisses me off seeing what we lost; the Atomwaffen Division came out of Ironmarch and more needs to come out of Fascist Forge, Mathias can only do so much though, it really does lie on us to help revive this site or let it fade and die off like it's been doing; there are a few things I think we can do to make this situation better: we could make propaganda, we could open the forum up to foreign language speakers like German, Russian etc. we could recreate things like the Fascist zine NOOSE, we could network better, start accepting Christian Fascists (I am not a Christian but we can battle it out in the metaphysics section) and many many more things we could do to help increase activity on the site.I have felt this way for a very long time and I think it's time something happens or the fate of this site is decided here and now, I just hope we make the right choice, I would like to hear suggestions as well if any of you have any.

"Inactivity is death." -Benito Mussolini

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All very good ideas, but we'd all be implementing them if we could.

Imo best course of action before building up a site like this is to actually invovle onesself in education regarding cybersecurity (and web design) so that a secure site can be built.

Then maybe if one with that background has the funding and free time, we can begin to build again. But perhaps the 'golden age' that Ironamrch was is done and we need to move to new tactics.

I don't know about you, but I won't be studying web design any time soon.

I don't know much about Mathias but perhaps he sees that this is a failed project not due to his own faults, but because of the constraints of trying to revive IronMarch and the skillset, money, and time required.

(Money more or less because it's hard to manage a large site with a _40 hour work week_)

Edit: I wish Mathias would come online to let the new people in, and answer delete requests that he already has.

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