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Forum Rules

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The Basics

By joining the forum you affirm that:

  • You will not link or post pornography.
  • You will obey administrator instructions.
  • You will not knowingly post false information.
  • You are not an infiltrating agent or informant.
  • You are not an Anti-Fascist, Marxist or Communist.
  • You are not a Christian, Muslim, or any other derivative of Judaism.
  • You are not a Jew, either ethnically or religiously, a Zionist or a Judeophile.


  • All prospective members are required to post an introduction.
  • Membership applications submitted by newcomers who have not introduced themselves will be denied.
  • Your introduction should give us a general idea about who you are, why you're here, and what you want to accomplish by being here.


Punishment Structure

Permanently Bannable Offenses:

  • Subversive action - Any attempt to subvert the site or its administrators will result in permanent banning.
  • Pornography - Posting or linking pornography will result in permanent banning.
  • Multiple accounts - Multiple accounts are not permitted. Creating a new account to circumvent a ban or suspension will result in permanent banning of all accounts involved.



  • Spamming - 1 point, removed after 60 days
  • Shitposting - 1 point, removed after 60 days
  • Autistic Behavior - 1 point, removed after 60 days
  • Insolence - 3 points, removed after 365 days


Point System:

  • 1 point - 12 hour suspension
  • 2 points - 48 hour suspension
  • 3 points - 7 day ban
  • 4 points - 30 day ban
  • 5 points - permanent ban



Subversive action - the act of undermining the authority,  integrity or continuity of the site or its administrators.

Spamming - making multiple posts in quick succession, making the same post in multiple topics, excessive double-posting or multi-posting.

Shitposting - making irrelevant or substantially worthless posts.

Insolence - contempt, disregard, or disrespect shown to a Moderator.

Autistic Behavior - behavior that is socially unacceptable and unbecoming of a Fascist.

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