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To those that consider themselves fans of Полк Азов.

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(Any posts related to this account are a mixture of satire/historical education/newsreporting)

Anyone who's considering volunteering in the Ukraine should be demanding the talking head of leaders, including Biletsky, stop negotiating intelligence assets of western volunteers within the regiments to western intelligence agencies. With those volunteer's citizenship potentially being revoked or regrettably committing foreign combatant violations leading to imprisonment due to Ukraine selling out westerners who chose to risk life and limb for their supposed cause.

Ukrainians have every reason to bargain with the west,




this may not be as relevant as it would have been 3-4 years ago but, those who chose to volunteer in Ukraine were owed to by the likes of Biletsky or any other supposed Ukrainian nationalist. 

If you're one to believe "Ukraine" is just remnants of greater Russia then this post isn't for you. 

This post also applies to anyone involved with Right Sector - westerners volunteers and bled with you and you sold them out in their own homelands.


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