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Time for an introduction

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I'm from the Northeastern United States. I'm of mostly German and English descent with a few other European ethnicities mixed in. I'm in my 20s working in the food service industry. I found this place through a link posted on a chan site's /pol/ board. I bookmarked it late last December and just now got around to signing up since I've been pretty busy with work and family. What do I hope to accomplish here? In all honesty I'm not sure yet. But I hope there will be some interesting reads and possibilities for offline networking with other likeminded people. 

As for my skills and hobbies I'm pretty good with technology. I can do some programming but it's mostly simple embedded stuff, scripting, small tweaks to applications and whatnot. Not any serious development. I'm better at repairing hardware. On the side I fix up and sell computers. My current project is the restoration of several Macintosh SE/30 machines and their peripherals, the motherboards of which I currently have soaking in alcohol to clean them. I'm not really into firearms as a hobby but I own a couple and I train with them regularly. 

My political history is nothing exciting. Until I was 16-17 I was pretty much apolitical until a series of events brought me to some realizations and drove me onto the internet in search of answers. For some background I grew up in a majority non-white city. Despite what the Jewish media may tell you, living right next to blacks and working/going to school with them will not make you like them. To this day they are as alien to me as they would be to someone who has never met one. Their culture is not and never will be my own. Race is not skin deep. Understanding this simple fact made me feel as though the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. From there I found websites like 4chan and 8chan and began my journey down the rabbit hole, slowly undoing all of the damage that the propaganda I was fed as a child had done. I didn't actually have internet access at home until I was 16 and began paying for my own cell phone. This opened an entirely new world of literature and news articles; a library of secrets and forbidden knowledge so vast that years later I still haven't made a dent in it. What has most amazed me is that in my insatiable hunger for new knowledge I haven't been able to find anything that sufficiently discredits and disproves the White Nationalist worldview. All attempts to do so are directly opposed to the self-evident natural order, and mainly consist of half truths and pathetic smear attempts. So here I am.

To those who haven't died of old age while reading, I hope you've enjoyed my wall of text. :classic_biggrin:

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