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Where you're from: England, UK.

How you found us: Referred to this website by a resourceful former Iron March member on a public Discord server.

Why you registered: Want to identify general challenges white supremacists have then discuss the plausibility of any solutions proposed. Also wanting to learn from this established community about the fascist worldview.

What you want to accomplish: To join this established community and therefore be able to have discussion, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the fascist worldview.

What are your interests Tanking, white supremacy, British, American and German history, and British fascism.

What skills do you have: Cyber-security and countermeasures to surveillance in the real world.

What is your political history: It would take me a long time to explain and read about why I am concluded on being a white supremacist. Keeping it brief, I became simultaneously aware of the shifting racial demographics in the UK, and the plot holes in what is told in education about the supposed jewish holocaust.

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