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Guest Hyperborean

Introduction: Houston, Texas old Bootboy

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Guest Hyperborean

Where you're from:   Howdy Kinsman.  I reside in Houston, Texas

 How you found us:  Research for discussion groups on Esoteric Hitlerism

Why you registered:   I have no choice, if I wish to find more like-minded folk.   Don’t care for Facebook   groups.  I need to be where I can meet and learn from a serious kinsman

What you want to accomplish by being here.  More range time and a good  face to face conversation with racial separatists

What your interests are: Firearms, Occult, Running my own business, Tribalism, Vril, Thule Society

What your skills are.  I have more than a few,

What your political history is: National Socialist. Awakened in 1991. 

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