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Re-introduction to the movement

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Where you're from:

Brisbane, Australia

How you found us:

A close friend mentioned this site, after I asked him about Ironmarch. I never was an Ironmarch user originally though.

Why you registered:

I wish to get involved in the movement again. I've been sitting on the sidelines for a while now and I regret all that wasted time.

What you want to accomplish by being here:

I'd like to connect with other NatSocs in Australia, and hopefully bring about some irl activity.

What your interests are:

My interests are mostly in personal development, and self sustainability. Unrelated to the movement, I have a few hobbies such as craft brewing, painting, and keeping a small fish tank.

What your skills are:

I have skills, from past experience, in small group leadership, printing and postering, camping and survivalism, and recruitment.

What your political history is:

National Action, and briefly Scottish Dawn in the UK. When I moved back to Australia, Antipodean Resistance. Most of my time I've spent in AR.


Please hit me up if you have any further questions.

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