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Humble introduction

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Hello people. I'd like to refer to myself as Serbon. It is the nickname I actively go by. I was already on IronMarch months before Charlottesvile, and I was reading a lot of the posts and articles on it, though I was not very active in posting. I regretted not being more active when they later took the website down. I tried to find a new website that sprang-up after IM, and I found you guys, but at the time it didn't work, so I assumed it was just a failed reboot that you guys gave up on. Just found you guys like 2 nights ago and I'm really glad this is up and running again.


Something about me


I am a Serb. I am descended from Montenegrin Highlanders, Bosnian Chetniks and Banat Gendarmes that served within the Hungarian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. To say that I identify very strongly with the National Socialist ideology and worldview would be an understatement. But this was not always the case. While I personally do come from a family which did have direct and indirect ties to WW2 collaborators (which I am proud of now), a couple of years back I held very bad, almost satanical views of NS as an ideology and A.H. as a person. The more I got to read and explore and find out about him and his ideology, the more I realized that this is the path I was looking for all along, and what I had originally been as a child when I was growing up in a peaceful central-European village. As a kid I fluctuated a lot between supporting anything and everything that was against EU and NATO, Russia almost always, regardless of ideology, and I had a period when I practically worshiped the Soviet Union as a child in 2011 and 2012. When the truth finally hit me (and it hit me like a truck), I had a period of severe depression for around 2 and a half months in which I was quite unable to do anything. I let myself go in almost all ways, and physically I had gained a lot of weight. It took a lot of time to readjust myself back to my natural world-view, and I even joined the army in early 2018 and served simply to get training with fire-arms, though I hated almost all of my time there, simply because there was no one with even APPROXIMATE views to mine. (might be an incorrect use of the word approximate, but you get the picture)

Currently I am 21 years old, turning 22 soon. Since late 2018 I have begun my history studies at University and I am trying to get a masters degree of history, and my field of expertise would, you guessed it, be the 20th century. Specifically WW2. I am very interested in historical revisionism. I am of the opinion that now, more than ever, it is easier to revise history of not just eastern Europe, but Europe as a whole, and to begin to impose a different view of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Since the ''victims'' of the Third Reich are almost all dead and gone now, and enough time has passed, I'd say that the time to start is now, despite fierce protests from virtually every country in the world. My goal is in the end to get a Doctors degree of History and engage in active historical revisionism of the Second World War. If my books or pamphlets or articles, which I will one day surely publish can do even a little bit in shifting the view of some of the worthier parts of the masses to be a bit more accepting of A.H. and NS as a worldview, then I will consider my life to be complete.




There used to have been a website where I could access a whole bunch of PDF books about the Third Reich and NS ideology and economics as a whole. This website seems to now be down. I remember reading in the summer of 2018 a book about the economy of Hitlers Germany. Does anybody remember the exact name, or a new website where I could again look for that book? I lost it and now desperately need it.

I am also for some reason unable to post a profile photo and a cover photo. Must be because my exam has not been checked yet.



Thank you for your attention if you read through my post. I am glad to to be on this website with the lot of you. Though I may not know your names or your faces, nor you mine, we are brethren by blood and worldview, and I know that when the time comes you will all do your part in the struggle.

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  • Welcome i'm a newbie to. We both are National Socialist. Like minded brothers!
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