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  • Where you're from - Australia
  • How you found us - reading about NS online and found it while trying to find proper NS docs, not just sites talking shit about it.
  • Why you registered - to speak to others in the same boat and give me a place to keep my sanity! Turns out people in my life aren't ready  to hear about it.
  • What you want to accomplish by being here - Education. I hope that with the stuff and people on here I'll be able to learn a lot more.
  • What your interests are - Reading and camping. Combined is best.
  • What your skills are - I'm kind of handy, no qualifications (yet) and I've been camping a fair bit so I'm pretty comfortable in the bush.
  • What your political history is - small. I've only voted a couple of times. I didn't really pay attention and just voted so I didn't get fined. I never really thought about it. Politics didn't seem to affect me and life seemed pretty ok....until it didn't. That's when I started getting more political and thankfully found NS pretty quickly so I didn't waste too much time.

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