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Where you're from: United States

How you found us: A friend introduced me to this site and mentioned they thought I would enjoy its content.

Why you registered: I want to learn more, expand my knowledge, and hopefully rediscover things lost through the collective brainwashing of established education.

What you want to accomplish by being here: Learn, always learn and hopefully teach others useful skills.

What your interests are: Cyber Security, gunsmithing, 3d printing, activism, psychology, and more recently cryptography.

What your skills are: Physical Security, network security, OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) Counter Surveillance.

What your political history is: None, although recently I have become very interested in Fascism I see this as a worth while movement to help bring the world back into its once collective strength.

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Guest WhiteWerwolf

Welcome Brother.

Sieg Heil

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