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  • Where you're from
    London. UK
  • How you found us
    I started to become interested in fascism and was looking for fascist forums to join. I heard about ironmarch which had been shut down by this point. After looking at news articles I eventually joined here.
  • Why you registered
    I wish to educate myself on fascism (newcomer to the movement)
  • What you want to accomplish by being here
    Education, connect with other Natsoc's in the UK.
  • What your interests are
    History, Mathematics, Physics, Lifting.
  • What your skills are
    I'm fairly well educated in the hard sciences and have started lifting and shooting.
  • What your political history is
    I used to be a neo-con, after realising how pro degeneracy they truly are, I started to shift further to the right. 

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